After leaving Sushant’s house, Riya had sent a message to Mahesh Bhatt? WhatsApp chat came to the fore

Riya Chakraborty, who is under suspicion in Sushant Singh’s death case, had left Sushant’s house on June 8. After leaving home, Riya had texted producer-director Mahesh Bhatt. India Today has revealed what exactly was said between Riya and Mahesh Bhatt.

As soon as Riya left home, she texted Mahesh Bhatt and said, “Ayesha is moving forward with a heavy heart and a sigh of relief.” Ayesha is the name of Riya’s character in the movie ‘Jalebi’. Mahesh Bhatt was the producer of this film.

“Your last phone call woke me up,” she added in the message. You are an angel to me. Then and now ”. According to sources, Mahesh Bhatt had replied to Riya’s message, “Don’t look back. Make the impossible possible. Your father will be happy now. “

“What you told me on the phone that day about my father gave me strength,” she said. They have thanked you. Thank you for being a special person to me. “

Bhatt further said, “You are like my daughter. I feel better now ”. “I have no words,” says Rhea. After that, Mahesh Bhatt is thanking Riya for being so strong.

Riya has informed the police and other interrogators that Sushant had asked her to leave the house. But after seeing this message, it is revealed that Riya’s father is upset with living with Sushant and Mahesh Bhatt has also advised her to listen to her father.

According to sources, Riya had mentioned Sushant’s illness and the troubles that were happening to her while talking to others. Sushant’s death is now being investigated by the CBI.

Sushant’s father has claimed that Sushant committed suicide due to the mental torture given by Riya. Sushant is also accused of financial fraud.

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