After SBI, ICICI Bank is now changing several key rules, which will have to pay more for these facilities from August 1

After SBI, ie, State Bank of India, now ICICI Bank is going to shock its account holders. This private sector bank will make many big changes from August 1. The bank said the savings account holders will be subject to cash transactions, ATM interchange and checkbook fee limit. ICICI offers its customers 4 free transaction facilities. You have to pay a fee if you are a customer of it and withdraw more than this. According to the bank’s website, transaction fees that exceed the free threshold are Rs 150 per transaction. All of these regulations will come into effect from August 1. Let us tell you that SBI has made some similar changes since July 1.

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There is no charge at the home branch

  • Since August, ICICI Bank has been offering customers over Rs.
  • 5 per 1,000 on this.
  • There is no charge for cash transactions up to Rs.25,000 per day at a non-domestic branch.
  • For a sum of Rs

ATM interchange transaction

  • According to the bank’s website, ATM interchange transactions also attract fees.
  • The first 3 transactions will be free at 6 metro locations per month.
  • The first 5 transactions per month at all other locations are free.
  • 20 per financial transaction. And Rs 8.50 per non-financial transaction.

How much is charged in check books

  • 25 You do not have to pay any fee for a check leaf
  • After this, you will pay Rs 20 for 10 pages for an extra check book.
  • No money will be charged to withdraw the first calendar month, after which there will be a fee.

Cash withdrawal fee anywhere

  • You do not have to pay any fees to withdraw the first money in the calendar month
  • After this you will have to pay 5 rupees per thousand rupees.
  • In addition, you will have to pay Rs 5 per thousand or part of the ICICI Bank Branch subject to a minimum of Rs 150 in cash recycling machine for the first cash deposit of the calendar month. More details can be viewed from the bank’s website.

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