AIMS Director Gularia warns – Do not unnecessarily CT scan in corona, there is a risk of cancer

People are running for different investigations after being infected with a corona. In such a situation, AIMS director Randeep Gularia reported on Monday the risks of taking a CT scan and taking drugs unconsciously. Dr Guleria said using more of the CT scan may increase the risk of cancer in the future. He said radiation from a CT scan is dangerous. Also, there is no need to review biomarkers such as CRP and D-dimer in mild cases of corona.

In 1 CT scan, radiation is equal to 300 X-rays

Dr Gularia said there was no need for a CT scan in the mild case. Even if you do not have symptoms, patches may appear on a CT scan. They report that 1 CT scan produces radiation equivalent to 300-400 X-rays. Repeated CT scans at a young age further increase the risk of cancer.

Do not conduct meaningless testing

Doctor Guleria said many people were running for a CT scan. CT scans treat 30 to 40 percent of patches on their own. He also mentioned that biomarkers such as CRP, D-dimer, LDH, and ferritin need not be reviewed in mild cases or at normal saturation levels. They only create fear. Doctors said if there was any infection in the body it would look messy. Even if you have acne or a tooth infection, these biomarkers increase as the body responds to inflammation.

Do not die of a sudden heart attack after Kovid, the doctor said

Doctors said 3 major treatments

Doctors also told about medications. Immunization drugs should be taken care of by those who have cavities, a lung problem or a chronic kidney problem. Such people should be in touch with health workers. Three treatments are effective if there are mild symptoms. The first treatment is oxygen therapy. Even Oxygen .The doctor said Gulleria was not. If your saturation is low, the main treatment is oxygen. In mild symptoms, the other treatment if you are losing oxygen is steroids. Then steroids should be given. The third treatment is anti-coagulant.

Coronavirus virus is freezing

It is known to be different from other viral pneumonia, said Dr. Guleria. It coagulates in the blood, causing the blood to clot in the blood vessels in the lungs. Due to this oxygen is reduced and sometimes clotting moves in the heart or brain causing a heart attack or cerebral hemorrhage. In some cases, anti-coagulant, ie, clotting medications, are given, says Dr. Said Gularia. It keeps the blood thin.

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There is no cure for everyone

Doctors said that in mild cases this treatment cannot be given to everyone. It can hurt. If someone has an ulcer and these medications are not given, then the chances of him bleeding from his stomach are increased. Therefore, it is important to remember when and what medications to give. Drugs such as Remdecivir are said to be issued in an emergency.