Air Chief RKS Bhadauria says fighter jet Rafale gives us the edge to attack first – Air Chief RKS Bhadauria said

Air Force Chief RKS Bhadauria said that the inclusion of fighter aircraft Rafael in the fleet gives it the ability to attack first and give it an edge in distant cases. They Said that the Air Force has deployed everywhere to respond to any action on the part of China and is also fully prepared to deal on two fronts simultaneously.

Air Chief Marshal Bhadauria said in response to questions at the traditional annual press conference here before Air Force Foundation Day, October 8, that Ladakh is a small area and we have deployed with full force everywhere.

“We have deployed everywhere with complete preparation and there is no question that China can overcome us in the event of any confrontation,” he said. When asked specifically about the North-East, he said that there is both our deployment and preparation there as well as the Air Force has the ability to take its aircraft and other equipment from one place to another immediately when needed. May go.

He said that the Air Force is ready to deal with any situation and it also involves a simultaneous fighting situation on two fronts. The Air Force is ready to deal with every situation keeping in mind all aspects. In response to a question, the Air Force Chief said that the Chinese actions were first properly detected in May and after that we immediately got into the handkerchief. It would be wrong to say that we were surprised but we did not expect this.

The Chinese army normally exercises at this time, but this time it did it. As soon as we came to know of this, we immediately took steps. Whatever was needed of the army, it was immediately fulfilled to carry the soldiers or to send other equipment. This time no shortage was left. Never before has it worked so quickly.

In response to another question, the Air Force Chief said that as far as China is using the Skurd air base in Pakistan occupied Kashmir against India, this option is like being open. If China uses Skurd then it will be a threat based on collusion and we will deal with it accordingly.


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