Airtel made big changes in these projects, some closed and some projects expensive

Bharti Airtel, India’s best telecom company today has made a big difference in its postpaid plans for its customers in India. While Airtel has discontinued some of its projects, it has some more expensive ones. Airtel has also released some new projects. In fact, in the post-epidemic world, the need for high-speed data is increasing, as WFH (work from home) and online classes become a part of our lives. For this reason, Bharti Airtel has further expanded its list of postpaid plans. These projects have been introduced with great benefits and offers. We will tell you all the information about new Airtel plans, discontinued plans and expensive projects:

This special project of Airtel is closed
Airtel has discontinued the ₹ 749 Family Postpaid plan for new customers and has launched a new ಹೊಸ 999 plan, the only family postpaid scheme with data benefits. Two free add-ons are available on Bharti Airtel’s Rs 749 postpaid plan. It is used to get a regular and a data add-on connection. The plan is used to get 125GB of data per month, along with a data rollover feature. With this project, all networks were given unlimited calling and 100 SMS.

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Airtel’s new retail project
Telecom company Airtel has introduced several new plans for its retail customers. Let’s learn about them:

9 399 Plan: With this plan, users will get the benefits of Airtel thanks to 40GB of data, unlimited calls and Wink Music app, including the Airtel Extreme app.

9 499 Plan: The plan offers users 75GB of data, unlimited calls and other Airtel thanks to the benefits, including free Amazon Prime and Disney + Hotsor VIP connections, Wink Music app and more.

99 999 Plan: This postpaid project offers 3 main contacts and two contacts with two add-ons. All benefits of Airtel thanks to this project are available. It includes free Amazon Prime and Disney + Hotspur VIP connections, a Wink Music app and 210GB of data and unlimited calls.

99 1599 Plan: This postpaid project can work in 2 connections with one main connection and 1 add-on. The plan includes all of the benefits of Airtel thanks to the IR project including free Amazon Prime and Disney + Hotspur VIP connections, unlimited data with the Wink Music app, and unlimited calls.

In addition, customers can now avail of 30GB of data per month, unlimited calling and AirtelTank benefits with add-on connectivity with any SIM by paying add299.

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Bharti Airtel made corporate projects expensive
Airtel has discontinued its postpaid plans for Rs 199 and corporate users for less than Rs 249. The entry level scheme for new and existing corporate customers will now start from Rs 299. All existing customers will be moved from the next billing cycle to Rs 299.

9 299 Plan: With this project, users get access to 30 GB of data, unlimited calls, business tools including Airtel Call Manager, Wink Music App, Airtel Extreme App and other AirtelThank benefits.

9 349 Plan: The scheme offers 40GB of data, unlimited calls and many Airtel thanks to the Wink Music app, including the Airtel Extreme app.

9 399 Plan: Among the many benefits offered by the AirtelTank app are business tools such as 60GB of data, unlimited calls, Tresmate, Google Workplace and Airtel Call Manager.

9 499 Plan: 100 GB of data, unlimited calling trading tools like Tresmate, Google Workplace and Airtel Call Manager, plus many benefits of the Airtel Thanks app.

99 1599 Plan: The project comes with unlimited calling business tools such as 500 GB of data, Tresmate, Google Workplace and Airtel Call Manager, apart from many benefits associated with the Atel Thanks app.

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