Akash Chopra angry over ICC for WTC final rule, three tips for winning

The ICC on Friday announced the rules for the final of the World Test Championships between India and New Zealand. Under these rules, if a draw or tie occurs, the dual teams are declared joint winners. Former Indian startup and senior commentator Akash Chopra believes this rule is not correct. The finals of the World Test Championship between India and New Zealand will be played between Southampton on June 18 and June 22 between India and New Zealand. June 23 is designated as a reserve day. The World Test Championships began in August 2019.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Akash Chopra said, “If you draw a final, both teams will be declared joint winners. He said it was only right to use the reserve day because of bad weather, but the other day is reserved, but the reserve is only used for the first five days due to the extreme weather. “

The ICC says whoever wins or wins the WTC Finals will win

He said that in recent times only a few Test matches would end in a draw and if there was grass on the wicket it would end in three and half days. But you may have a situation where 450 overs is not enough. Both India and New Zealand are strong teams. Chopra gave three suggestions to the ICC. When you keep the sixth day as a reserve day, what a hassle it is to add one more day. Play until you are a winner. It hasn’t happened in a long time but it was happening before. When you already have a sixth day, why not use it to get results.

Secondly, the World Test Champions winners suggested that they meet the Best of Three. The third test should only be played if you do not get a winner after two Test matches. Akash Chopra suggested that the top-ranked team should be declared the winner if the third Test is also drawn. India will travel to England to play the final of the World Test Championship on June 2. Players going on this tour are currently restricted to a hotel in Mumbai. India have announced a 20-member squad for the tour, while New Zealand have reached England. New Zealand will play a two-Test series against England before the final of the World Test Championship.

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