All these Equity Mutual Funds have given returns of more than 50% in the last 1 year.

Mutual fund schemes are completely associated with market risks. But if you can find the right mentor or develop your own understanding, mutual funds can be a great investment option. The same applies to banking equity mutual funds. According to the Value Research website, banking equity mutual funds have generated more than 50 percent returns in the past one year. Tell us about the Top 5 Banking Equity Mutual Funds that yielded 50 percent or more in a year last year.

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Nippon India Banking Fund Scheme: The Nippon India Direct Plan yielded a high return of 76.19. During the period, the regular plan yielded 74.92 percent. This is due to the high cost of direct planning. The Nippon India Banking Regular Plan cost ratio is 2.05 per cent. At the same time, the cost ratio in direct planning is 1.39 per cent.

ICICI Pru Banking and Financial Services Plan: Here the direct plan yielded 70.74 per cent return while the general plan yielded 69.24 per cent. Regular project cost ratio is 2.09%. At the same time, the cost ratio in direct planning is 1.28 percent.

Kotak PSU Bank ETF Scheme: This is a regular plan, which has yielded 67.17 percent in the last one year. Here the cost ratio stands at 0.49. During the same period, the Kotak Banking ETF Scheme yielded a profit margin of 64.05 percent, or its cost ratio of 0.18 percent.

SBI ETF Nifty Banking: Its regular plan has yielded 64.41% return over the past one year. However, the SBI Banking Service Direct Fund Scheme yielded 62.59% and the Regular Plan 60.55%.

Edelweiss ETF Nifty Bank: This regular plan yielded 64.48 per cent profit. Its cost ratio for the period was 0.12.

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