Amit Shah to give Delhi Police 5 goals to improve the performance of all police stations by 2022

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday instructed Delhi Police to set five targets for all police stations in the capital, Delhi, to mark the 75th anniversary of independence by 2022.

Addressing a function at the Delhi Police Headquarters, Shah praised the role of the Delhi Police in the coronary virus epidemic and said that the police force is providing excellent service to the people in the national capital. He lauded the actions of the Delhi Police during the riots in Northeast Delhi last year and its role in maintaining peace in the city.

Shah called on the Delhi Police to set their targets for the completion of 75 years of Indian independence in 2022, and said that all police personnel, from constable to police commissioner, should be set their targets till 2022. Each agency and police has to set five goals and resolutions for themselves and they monitor it themselves.

He said the fulfillment of the resolution would be the biggest improvement so far, which would change the attitude of the people towards the Delhi Police and prevent any one from solving the problems of the capital.

Delhi police have passed all the tests

Whether it is violence in Northeast Delhi, or locking, unlocking or returning migrant workers to homes or peasant movements, Amit Shah said the Delhi police had succeeded in all its tests with high marks.

Appreciating the work done by the Delhi Police during the Corona era, he said he played an exemplary role in the lockdown, including surveillance by drones, medicine for the elderly, feeding the hungry workers and transporting pregnant mothers to hospital. 7667 policemen have also been infected during this period and 30 Corona Warriors are martyred, but Delhi police have never acted on its duty, he said. This development is always written in gold letters in the history of Delhi Police.

He said that Delhi Police has many responsibilities, such as the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Prime Minister’s Residence, the Embassy of many countries, the headquarters of several major institutions, the Science Center and many major institutions under it.

Fifteen thousand CCTV cameras will be installed

Shah, who praised the Delhi Police’s initiative to reunite the missing children with their parents, said such measures were a service to humanity. The Home Minister announced that 15,000 CCTV cameras will be installed in Delhi to closely monitor crime and criminals and maintain law and order.

He added that these CCTV networks of the police would also be connected to the CCTV cameras installed at the railway stations. Shah honored the coroners of the Delhi police who served in the coronary epidemic and awarded the rank to the police who were promoted before the grand works order.

He paid tribute to the Delhi Police personnel who lost their lives while serving the people during the epidemic.