Anupama 11 November 2020 Written Episode Update – Anupama Learing Car Driving

Anupama 11 November 2020 Written Episode Update – Anupama Learing Car Driving

Bapuji opens his eyes after the operation. Vanraj claps his hands emotionally and quarrels with him again. Bapuji says he will beat him. Ba enters and scolds Bapuji so as not to scare her again. Anupama talks emotionally to the next entry and Bapuji again and asks him not to think about the cream roll again.

They say they change the name of the cream roll to a bottle of gourd. In his recklessness, Vanaraj shouts at Anupama that Bapuji is heartbroken; She must have given something to eat because she was out of the house most of the time.

Ba is angry about it and asks where he was last night, when Baah brought Bapuji to the hospital, saved him and stayed with him the whole night. The nurse asks her not to make noise in the patient’s room. Ba says to Anu let us go out and talk. Ba emotionally thanked Bapuji for saving him. Anu too cries emotionally. Vanaraj was jealous of his bond.

Back at home, Toshu and Samar discuss Diwali decorations. Vanaraj gets ready to go to the office. Kinjal gets in the car and calls Anu. Ba Anu asks why Kinjal is calling her. Anu says she wants to learn to drive. Samar cheerfully asks if Toshu has penetrated Kinzel and Mummy doesn’t even know to ride a bicycle. Kinjal says he will learn. He tells her about her age. Kinjal says there is no age limit to learning and they act like their papa’s.

Samar supports Kinjal. Vanaraj shouts that she has now found a new excuse, Bapuji is in the hospital and she wants to learn to drive. Ba shouted that she had supported Anu at the hospital and wanted to fly a taxi in Ahmedabad. Anu says she wants to learn driving. Vanaraj shouts that she is behaving badly with Ba. Anu tells her that she is her ba, she is just that.

Ba says that if she requests, her request is canceled; She has been doing bad things with her husband for days now, instead of focusing on her family; She has been good for 25 years and is now going overboard; He works so hard for the son family. Anu says she does her thing too. Ba cries to do it alone and to focus on her husband and children. Anu says her children are now grown. Ba says that she must forgive her husband’s abuse and respect him, she is a woman and must learn to bow. Vanraj smiled and asked if he had heard what Ba was saying.

Ba says the wife is in her husband’s heart only if she bends. Anu says that if the door is small, she should bend. Ba is shouting she’s still raging at her husband, she’s been wandering around a lot now, Bapuji is in hospital and Diwali is on the way. Anu says that she has always looked after Bapuji. The ba continued.

Wanraj let her go, she will be back in 2 days, she does not know traffic signal lights and without a license, she cannot. He says he already got a learner’s license yesterday. He shouts that she does not learn driving, he feels that he cannot leave her to inform Bapuji about his relationship with Kavya and not let her go out; Shouting she should be with Bapuji.

Anu tells Bapuji that whatever she does, with your problem, she is very helpless; She wants to prepare herself for an unexpected event like yours; She can understand why Vanraj is discouraged, but why is she so discouraged when she attends yesterday and knows what they have done; She always takes her blessings and goes, she can stop her if she thinks she is wrong. Ba stands silent as Anu goes away.

Tosu tries to remove the Learning / L sticker from the car so that Papa Ma won’t let him out. Anu stops him. Toshu asks if Ba and Papa have let him. Anu says that she asked Ba and she did not answer yes or no. What do they ask about Papa. She tells him she didn’t listen to him.

She prays to God that she should learn to serve Ba and Bapuji. Vanraj walks out and smokes. Kinjal asks her to open the car and her lucky door. As she handles the steering of life, Samar says she must handle the steering of the car. She grabs the keys and remembers Bapuji’s heart attack.

Precap: Anu starts the car. Vanraj intentionally respects the past and drives forward. Anu overtakes him and smokes him.