Anupama 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama imagines driving car with Baa

Anupama 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama imagines driving car with Baa

Anupama drives a car with Ba, Bapuji, il ilmil and Pakhi and takes her to shopping. Ude Asman K Parinde..Song..Place Place. In a flashback, she sees Vanraz holding the car keys and reminds him of her insults that she has never driven a cycle in her life. Joe Dil Se Lage Usse Kehdo Hai Hai… The song .. plays in the background. She goes in the car, Toshu, Wanraj and Ba look at her angrily as Kinjal and Samar follow.

She feels that she is behind the steering of her life for the first time and no one else. Kinjal asks if she is ready. Anu greets her and tells her that she welcomes the Guru. The road to Kinjal is now clear, so she must start and not be afraid. Wanraj, Ba, and Toshu angrily walk into the house. On the phone, Ba asks Mamaji about Bupuji’s health. Jillmil gives Vanaraj a lunch box, Vanaraj angrily stamping his legs and shouting in pain.

Kinjal teaches her controls and asks to start the car. Anu asks her to show her anxiety first, then she tries. Samar encourages her and tells her to fix her seat belt. She fixes her seatbelt, Vanraj fixes it for the first time, and recalls Bapuji’s heart attack, then says she’s ready. Vanaraj gets into her car, looking at her angrily. She starts the car and slowly leaves the accelerator. The car starts to move. Wanraj horns from behind to scare her and shouts to move the car. Anu panic.

Samar and Kinjal say it’s OK as it happened the first time and ask them to take the car aside. Anu does. Vanraj laughs at her and drives her car. His car stops. When Samar and Kinjal clap for him, Anu looks at her car. Mamaji receives Samar’s video call and shows Bapuji that Bahu is driving the car. Bapuji emotionally says that now the steering is in the right hand. Anu learns to drive with enthusiasm while Kinjal and Samar teach her. She runs back to the house and stops to see Vanaraj. Kinjal asks if he should leave H im. They say no thanks and drive fast with anger.

Anu stops the car outside the house. Samar, Kinjal and Jillmil applaud her. She got out of the car and shouted for joy. Nandini joins her. They all sing and dance in the song Aaj Mai Upar, Asman Niche… Samar lifts her up and dances. After the show, the whole place claps for her. Ba and Toshu peer out of the house angrily. Anu enthusiastically asks if she has ever seen her drive the whole area.

Anu says that as a child, whenever there was a car, all the children would drive behind it; She had never felt the girl driving the car in the past. She explains that when Toshu was born she bought a second hand car and wanted to learn driving, Vanraj stopped by her. Samar says that’s right, she can try now. Anu says they haven’t tried much until now and now.

PreCap: 5 students enthusiastically inform the Samar family that they would like to join the Mommy Dance C class, she is now a professional dance teacher. Vanaraj threatens Anu that he will not tolerate a dance class in his house and that a dance class or samar will remain in his house.