Anupama 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Ba asks if he wants to work with Anu

Anupama 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Ba asks if he wants to work with Anu. Anu says yes, she was not allowed to work last time, but this time she has to work for the family; As Ba puts it, she should increase earnings rather than cut costs, she wants to follow through and try. Devika texts Anu on the back of Anu’s late arrival and asks Anu to give her another chance, saying that she will guarantee that Anu will not repeat her mistake; The promises agree and Anu will soon find work. Rakhi remembers the incident when she returns home to watch Tosu’s engagement and she knows that even after insulting her, she does not agree, Anupama appeals and Vanaraj shouts, waiting for her to enjoy the drama. On the other side, Nandini asks Samar to discuss his problems as a true friend; Anu already has a lot of problems to deal with, so he shouldn’t bother Anu. Samar says he has 2 problems, one job.

She has spoken to someone and hopes to find him a job soon. He is amazed and tells her he didn’t tell her about it. The world waits to hear problems, but not friends and asks what his other problem is. Samar says that Rakhi broke the alliance of Auntie Toshu and Kinjal and was unable to cope with it and that Kinja was unable to meet or speak to him and he would send out his frustration on Mummy for an entire day and that Rakhi would send Kinjal to America within a week.

Nandini suggests not leaving Tosu alone as a person is experiencing more loneliness while in distress. Samar says that Mr. Shah is only Toshu’s friend and he feels more loneliness. Nandini says that Toshu’s response in this situation is normal, so he should not be involved in arguing or dancing or anything but Toshu, but letting him suffer from depression.

Kavya orders dinner from a hotel. Wanraj requests if she can make him a chawal. She tells him that she works with him and cooks something for breakfast, but not now, and then he thinks that Anupama should be cooking something, she says she will prepare Khichdi. He hugged her and thanked her. Anirudh opens the door and smiles at them. They both stand in frustration.

Anu offers tea to Toshu and asks him not to worry as she talks to his papa and they find a way out. Tosu says she and Papa have closed all her lines, Rakhi has canceled the alliance, Papa is wandering around with his girlfriend, leaving him and Kinjal to suffer. Samar asks her to stop putting her frustration on Mummy because Mr. Shaw is a problem.

Toshu shouts that he doesn’t need his gaon, he only knows what he’s doing. Samar says he must understand that the mummy is passing through and stop raising her problems if not less so he should stop blaming the mummy for his problem.

Anu asks both of them to stop and she says that she is trying to solve the problem. He shouldn’t have responded when Toshu and Kinjal took some big steps. Mr Shah advises Samar Anu to talk to Rakhi only as he worsens the problem. Anu says that some problems need to be sorted together and as a parent she and Vanraj solve the problem together.

Anirudh confronts Kavya and Vanaraj saying that he does not mind seeing his wife with his girlfriend. Kavya shouts how brave she is to enter her home without her permission. They say one can get fake keys for 100 RS. Kavya shouted, Get lost now. He asks her why she cries so much, that if she loses her morale with shame, she should respect her guest. Wanraj shouted out to which guest, Come out before you let him out. Anirudh asks who is to get him out of his house.

Wanraj shouts, This is the house of poetry. Anirudh’s general knowledge is as bad as his character, which is also his home and poetry. Vanaraj shouts. Anirudh says Kavya says her golden color shirt is so loud, her boyfriend is much louder; Whenever he comes to Ahmedabad, he stays at his house, he can leave if anyone has a problem; He has no problem staying with them as a happy family, but if anyone has a problem he can go.

He is lying on the bed and looking at the wet towel Kavya asks her boyfriend if we haven’t trained him to throw towels, he has never thrown a wet towel like this. Vanaraj asks the poet to send her husband away. Kavya requests Aniruddha. Vanaraj asks why she is begging for this man. As long as Anirudh is in Ahmedabad, he stays here and does not mind that Vanraj is with him after 8 years of disrupting his life. Wanraj shouts again. Anirudh warns people to stop shouting as people realize that the wife’s boyfriend is staying at her house.

Vanaraj then shouts at Kavya for all the problems, she asks why she gave her husband the keys, and he shouts that he has left his house for her and is now leaving her house for her husband, he is like a laundryman dog / dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka, he is this house Quitting She pleads not to return to Anupama and move to a hotel room. He tells her that she should bother with her husband now and walk away. Kavya hopes that she will not return to Anu.

Remembering Anura’s words, Anirudh’s insults, Vanaraj stops his car outside his house and shouts that he is now Dhobi Ka Kutta. Jai’s family is busy making dinner when they enter and Jai Sri Krishna greets them. Pakhi happily hugs him. Ba is delighted to see him. He says he came here for Toshu, because it’s a children’s question. He is tempted to look at food. Ba says that the time has come for Baghu to have prepared the Baigan Bharta.

He says he’s right. Ba urges him to follow Paki. Anu offers a plate and pushes the chair closer to him, and Pakhi brings the chair. He starts to eat food and I heard Mrs. Dave was here, he thought he and Anupama should go and talk to her, and he was ready to go to the woman’s house for the pleasure of Toshu. Anu asks if he is going to come here and get Rotis. Samar follows him.

Bapuji thinks that if one leaves the house Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Annapura, and Lakshmi will be angry with them; Vanraj doesn’t even get the right food; He was angry at Vanraj, but now mercy on him. Samar walks near Anu and asks Vanraj why she is preparing food. He says he always respects his guests and gives Vanraj a rotis. Kavya gets a call from Vanaraj, who rejects it and chooses bread. Seeing the disconnect of the call makes Kavya angry.

Anirudh says Vanaraj is not a worried child, he should call her and find out if she is with me. Not long after the poetry pushed him away she shouted that she was getting pleasure and Vanaraj got in, but he intervened between them. If there was anyone other than Vanaraj, he would have snatched up his girlfriend’s husband and taken her away, but he had walked away, showing demeanor.

Vanraj is arrogant and he challenges her to not stay in any hotel, so he returns to his parents’ house and must now be with Anupama. Poetry stands with anxiety. Vanaraj thinks he made the mistake of leaving his home, now he doesn’t even know where he sleeps tonight.

Precape: Rakhi calls Anu and asks where her daughter is. Samar informs Anshu that Toshu met Kinjal last night and now both their phones are switched off. Rakhi warns Anu that if her daughter does not get a b, she will send all of them to jail.