Anupama 14th December 2020 Written Update Anirudh says he came to stay in his own house

Anupama 14th December 2020 Written Update Anirudh says he came to stay in his own house –  Anupama tells Leela that she wants to work for the good of the family. Lila asks how to manage the family and work together. Anupama says she wants to handle expenses without taking anyone’s help.

Devika tries to arrange work for Anupama. She hopes that Anupama will return to school as a teacher. Kinjal Rakhi finds temperament. Rakhi was angry that Anupama was coming to beg her again. She wants Anupama to come to her doorstep and plead for an alliance.

She wants to wait for Anupama and Vanraj. Samar is upset because of Anupama. Nandini tries to know the thing. He needs a job. Instead of waiting for his help, Nandini tells him that she has already tried to arrange for him. They are grateful. He says that Paritosh is depressed, that he will vent his frustration on Anupama because there is no vanraj.

Rakhi is going to send Kinjal to the US, she says Paritosh cannot meet her. She asks him not to leave her brother alone when his response is instinctive at this point. He takes her advice. She knows the meaning of loneliness and depression.

Vanaraj, on the other hand, is upset to see hotel food again. He asks Kavya to cook something at home. She says she just returned from the office. She does not want him to compare her to her. She agrees to make him something. They have a moment that breaks with Anirudh’s return.

Aniruddha knew that Vanaraj would be in his house. They already expected it. Anupama consoles Paritosh, who doesn’t listen to her. He blames her for all the problems. He claims that Vanraj went with his lover and ruined his son’s love story.

Samar tries to justify the wrongdoer. Paritosh threatens to ruin his life if he loses Kinjal. Samar doesn’t think Vanraj will fix anything. He asks Anupam to meet Rakhi and talk to her. Vanraj also comes with her, she says she will meet Paritosh’s parents and Rakhi. Anirudh occupies his house. Poetry asks him to pass away. Vanyaraj loses his cool, showing more stakes on Kavya and the house.

Anirudh says he came to stay in his own house. Vanaraj wants to leave. He calls it the home of poetry. Anirudh says it is his home and his wife. Vanaraj closes his mouth. Anirudh asks Vanaraj to stop being loud. When she asks Kanye, Vanraj asks her out. They suggest that they can be together without any problems. He asks Vanaraj to leave if he has any problem.