Anupama 17th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Anu tells Kinzal to apologize

Anupama 17th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Anu tells Kinzal to apologize

Wanaraj angrily walks in to do what Anu wants him to do. Ba tries to stop him and tells Anu that Vanraj is right, it is important to cage that nagin / rakhi, if she can do it then its fine, she is responsible for whatever happens; She is a wife, sous / dil, mother and now mother-in-law / mil, so her responsibilities have quadrupled.

Anul was surprised to hear MIL. Ba says it is easy to be a mil, but difficult to maintain; She is managing between her husband and son and now she has to manage between her son and DIL, now she has to share her son with her DIL and her DIL shows her right over her son and he backs his wife; She must endure all this because she must unite the family; Even though she loves her DIL more than her daughter, she is called Mill; She is a MIL by her mother and knows all this; Her son immediately made her MIL.

Anul wants to be a friend of Kinjal Tha The DIL, remembering his advice on Ba. She prays to God to hold her hand on the new journey of a new relationship, reminding her that she wanted to be a mother rather than a mil.

Kinjal cries and tells Toshu that everyone is upset because of him. Toshu asks him to rest because he has no other option. Pakhi instructs her not to worry as they are already married. She tells Samar Pakhi that she does not understand the seriousness of the problem, but Kinjal should not worry as her MIL is there to deal with the problems. Anu / Ma enters saying, not Mill.

She thinks the children have made a mistake, but this time she has to explain and handle them instead of scolding them. She tells them that they have done wrong, but what benefits after making a mistake; The path they took was not easy, but when they chose it, they carried obstacles or else they would not be able to reach anyone; It is easy to break the heart, but it is not easy to reunite; They need to convince their dear friends that they are angry; They are now couples and not children, and couples must understand that if they have to fight, they must win, but if it is with the family they must lose; He must comply with all responsibilities as son and DIL; They should regain the trust of family members, not only this but also Rakhi and Pramod; They will only be happy if the parents and the whole family bless them. They both touch her feet. She emotionally blesses and embraces them, she is always with them every step of the way, whether they succeed or not, but we strive together.

Ba raises her anger in front of Bapuji, since Wanraj left the house, she did not leave the house to ignore the neighbors’ questions, but Rakhi openly declared and everyone was recording videos and broadcasting it, they could not show their face to anyone now. Bapuji says he was worried about his dignity. Ba says the relationship was troubled from the beginning.

Bapuji says that instead of showing anger, she has to deal with the problem, she must learn to swim when she falls into the river. Ba says his world is sinking; She was not happy when her bahu came and now even when her multiple bahu; The storm was not standing still, it was coming in full force, it was just an air vent.

Rakhi munching the cake to destroy herself, murmuring that she should celebrate her daughter’s marriage; Destroying her means destructive, Anupama must wait for her attack.

Anu makers are keen on giving sweets to everyone. Kinjal calls her mommy and walks away. Anu performs her Najar and 25 years is a similar morning and Bahu calls her MIL, then it’s hers and now its Kinjal; When a new idol of the goddess comes home, she honors it; Devi Ma has entered the Annapurna temple / kitchen, honoring her with folded hands. Kinjal asks what she is doing.

Anu says she is the shadow of Ma Annapurna and MIL should bow to her once. She nourishes her dry fruit and says that if she wants to work or study, she should practice the same; The kitchen is not her world, her world is too big with her office, her studies, her husband, etc.

She must follow every responsibility with heart. Kinjal says she knew she was good, but didn’t know she was so cool. Anu presents her bangles as Shagun and tells her that she only has this, but promises to give her something soon; Ba gifted these bangles and she is gifting it to Kinjal. Kinjal thanks her and says she can’t be as good as her, but try. Anu hugs her.

Ba is angry at his bond and comments that Halwa is not sweet with sweets but with sugar. Anu asks Kinzal to pray a photo of God and then survive the rituals before starting the cooking every morning and teaching her to prepare halwa. Kinjal Halwa finished the preparation and served in a bowl. Anu asks her to serve Kanhaji / God and then the family. Kinjal follows her.

Bapuji walked up to them with the smell of halwa, but stopped to look at Anu. Anu says that today is Kinjal’s first Kitchen Session, so they can have some. Bapuji takes a bowl from Kinjal and gives her Shagun. Anu signals it to Kinzel.

Ba shouts that former boy was learning to cook from his mother’s house, but now they come without rituals, while Kinjal follows her mother and wears clothes. Ba asks her to forgive Kinjal and accept the halwa she made. Baa shouted that Kinjal’s mother threw chilli and now she came to serve halwa. She was yelling.

Precape: Anu tells Kinzal to apologize and let her and Bapuji console her, she must apologize to someone first. Wonraj tells Kavya that Toshu and Kinjal think everything is fine after the wedding, but Rakhi Dave tries to break up their marriage. Anu takes Kinjal to Rakhi’s house, Pramod welcomes him inside, but Rakhi stops him.