Anupama 18 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anu tells Rakhi that she wanted to discuss about Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding

Anupama 18 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anu tells Rakhi that she wanted to discuss about Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding

Anupama tells Vanaraj that she is not keeping him away from her family, his arrogance; The door to a relationship is small and one must bend over to get into it. Vanraj says he never bowed and she could think of it as his ego, arrogance or self-esteem, which was very valuable to him.

Anu says that he is carrying an unwanted object, and if it is valuable, he should try to sell it, he realizes that he is carrying a wasted object; He knows he has to step down and apologize to everyone else, otherwise he knows to create differences but not clear them. She never spoke to him before, he tells her that now she’s giving him Gayan. She tells him that she is not afraid of him and fears protecting the relationship toy, that the toy is broken and the fear is gone; He should step down and apologize to everyone.

He did not understand that in 25 years she was a clever player, she was blameless and now had his family and children snatched away from him; Samar did not speak to him now, Nandini showed demeanor, and insulted Mrs. Dave. She tells him to blame him for his mistakes, she is helping him; If the child’s scores are low, it’s her fault, if his parents are sick, it’s her fault, if he’s late for office, it’s her fault; He did not find time for her in 25 years, but only found fault; Rakhi stirred him by his mistake; She made many mistakes unknowingly, but he made the same mistake repeatedly and does not want to change. He will cover you. She calls his name and warns him to keep his language in mind. He tells her she’s showing off her feathers.

She says that if she had to fly, she would have to use feathers. He tries to slap her. She grabs his hand and warns him not to dare to do it, no matter if he shouts or tries to hit her or her children. She walked away saying that she had brought Prasad, but that the hand on the woman did not deserve it. She’s crying and wiping tears with the family and burning crackers. Nandini clicks pictures of her. Ba says his feast is incomplete without a son.

The next morning, Kavya opens the door bell and when she sees Pushpaguch see she thinks she is upset after last night’s incident, but he .. the delivery boy asks if she is Kavya, it is her. The poet receives it and happily sends the message that Virat has sent it, but when he sees Anirudh’s name, he feels that Vanaraj has not even thought of her, and that he wants to celebrate his birthday 2 days ago.

Anupama touches the feet of Ba and Bapuji and wishes them New Year. They both greet again, and shout out the responsibility of taking care of Bon Wanraj and where he was last night. She tries to speak, but stops looking at Vanaraj. Bapuji tells her why she should not ask Vanaraj. Wanraj touches his feet and wishes New Year. Ba says he was unhappy with not celebrating his Diwali with his family last night. Meeting friends is important, but family is more important, says Bapuji. Ba asks Anu to touch his feet and take his blessings.

Wanraj smiles at Anu and says that after yesterday’s speech she should now touch his feet. She bends over and picks up a coin on the floor and taunts him. Toshu and Samar wish Diwali good luck. Toshu first touches Vanaraj’s feet and asks where he was missing last night. Vanaraj says he got some work. He then touches Anu’s foot and he. Anu asks Samar to get angry at her husband but not on her father, especially today. Samar touches Vanaraj’s feet and walks over to show Ba and Bapji pictures, causing Vanaraj to scream.

Vanaraj calls the poet. Poetry asks if there is anything left to say. He apologizes to her for putting out his anger on her. She asks to speak to something new. They say they make mistakes repeatedly. She asks if he’s fine. He says this Diwali is the worst Diwali of his life, his family running around him, but not anymore; He is alone and wants to go on a vacation with her in the 2 days she has planned. She asks if he really wants to. They say yes, this is their most memorable trip. She’s happy. He tells Ba and Bapuji that they are going to Hyderabad on a business trip. Will Kavya go with him

Bapuji asks. He says alone.

Kinjal asked Rakhi why she did not wish her son-in-law a happy Diwali while she was wishing all her investors and friends. Rakhi says she wants her father-in-law, who was already found in Kavya’s building. She asks what about Anu, Ba, Bapuji, Samar, Toshu, Sweetie; They come today and wish them a happy New Year. Rakhi thinks he will make his New Year worse.

Anu gives Bapuji sports shows and insists on a morning walk. Bapuji says she too should take care of her health and walk with him. Ba walks around the house, that’s enough. Bapuji says that his health is very important and if he falls down while walking, she should be there to hold him. Anu agrees and wears sports shoes.

Precape: Anu tells Rakhi that she wants to discuss Toshu and Kinjal’s marriage. He wants to judge them properly before Rakhi says there is no hurry. She sees Vanaraj and Kavya at the hotel and thinks they have come for honeymoon, now she is destroying Vanraj and his family.