Anupama 18th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Ba Kinjal continues to insult him

Anupama 18th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Ba Kinjal continues to insult him. Ba Ba signals to calm down please. Ba asks her not to sign and tells her to leave Kinjal home for Anu’s happiness on Pakhi’s birthday. They gave her love, lured Kinjal Toshu and married her without her permission, bringing the police to our house instead of slapping her mother. Kinjal repeatedly asks if her mother’s wrongdoing insults her; Marriage was her and Tosu’s mutual decision, then it was only her fault.

She enters the house and argues with her and Ba shouts that there is no 24 hours. Bapuji intervenes, but Ba warns him not to interfere with women, she is talking to her multi. Kinjal asks why she is scolding Mommy. Ba claims her right as SaaS / MIL and she also scolds Kinjal as Grand MIL.

Anu bails her and requests that Kinjal be left at home for her first day. Ba shouts that the MIL and DIL duo are plotting against her. Kinzel asks not to expand the subject. Ba tells her mother Rakhi’s nature, not hers. Kinjal warns her mother not to pull between. Baa shouts as to why Rakhi is behind all the problems. She warns Anu that she is the eldest here and understands that her side can understand both her DIL and Grand DIL.

Kinjal cried and walked away saying she had nothing to do, yet Ba scolded her. Anu asks Bapuji what she should do when she cannot explain her MIL and her DIL is not mature enough to understand. Ba says that when it is difficult to explain to anyone, she must explain herself; He knows it’s hard to be DIL and mil simultaneously, but she has to anyway. Anu says she will.

Kinjal cries in her room as Toshu tries to appease her. Anu walks in and tells her that she has scolded her new DIL for the first time, she was even worse when Ba first scolded her and there was no one to appease her, Ba is not bad at heart, new relationships thorns and new clothes, she soon becomes accustomed to it, then she realizes the beauty of the relationship She asks him to cheer her up and apologize and let her and Bapuji handle Ba, but before that she should apologize to Mother Rakhi for hurting her feelings. Tosu says that Rakhi will… Anu tells her that her mother should never hurt and asks Kinjal to get ready, if her mother sees a weeping face, she reacts to her, imitating Rakhi. Kinjal smiles.

Vanaraj suffers a headache in the office. Kavya walks in and shouts as to why he didn’t pick her up from last night. He asks not to cry because there is a headache. She asks if he had spent the night in Anu as she changed clothes. He gives her her hotel and clothing bills and tells her that he went home with Tishu in the morning as he ran away with Kisul and married her, Rakhi Dave called the police and made a lot of drama. Kavya asks her to calm down as she already has a headache.

Wanraj says the headache will not go away as Rakhi attempts to make his life a hell, he tells his family to send him back to Kinjal, but Anu wants to be a mother and Toshu is chasing a kinju baby, Rakhi breaks his marriage or Kinjal takes him under his nose Jaime becomes, then Anu understands what he is.

Anu takes Kinjal to Rakhi’s house. Kinjal says let’s go home because she is so scared. Anu asks not to worry, old relationships do not end with new relationships, its parents home and they cannot be angry over her for a long time, Rakhi is a mother and soon calm down, she stays with him anyway.

At home, Ba shouted that he was trying to put his hand on the snake’s butt, and Rakhi came here and insulted them, but Anu went there to rub his nose. Bapuji says if one does not bow, the relationship will end; The Dave family, their relatives and Toshu’s sons-in-law, are important to clear up the differences. Ba asks what it needs, only arguments. When she got the mill, Bapuji says she did what she thought was right and now she will do what she thought was right.

Ba says there is a difference between thinking right and doing it right. Mamaji asks her not to worry, he explains them. Ba hopes he won’t get into trouble. Mamaji asks not to worry, he talks to the owner of the adjacent dog Tommy. Ba says he is talking about Kinjal’s parents. Mamaji says sorry. Ba says he knows there will be a problem.

Anu tries to ring the bell, but Kinjal stops her and pleads with her to take HR. Rakhi opens the door and looks at them angrily. Pramod tells Rakhi that the daughter came home with Samadhan ji for the first time after getting married, let us welcome him inside.

Shouting that Rakhi is not there. On the other side, Kavya tells Vanraj that Anirudh remains in the flat of Rakhi’s business chiefs. The business chief is not a friend but a CCTV / detective, Wanraj says as to why she sent Anirudh. Kavya says that there is no other way to send Anirudh out of his flat.

The only way to get rid of him till the witchcraft is because he has decided to return his money invested in the flat; She wants to live in peace with Vanraj with its rented house. He says let’s deal with Anirudh first. He gets a ba call. The poet first visits her home and then tells her to come. He meets Vanraj Ba, who tells him that he went to meet Anu Rakhi with Kinjal. He says the episode will instead be exaggerated and Rakhi will now make a big play.

Rakhi tells Kinjal that she cannot enter until she shows her Aarti, and tells Anu that she does not want Kinjal to be the Shah’s family and has done her best to stop them, but as fortune is written and irrevocable, she changes for the better herself. Kinzal is glad to hear it. Anu says that she has said that love lies in the love of parents. Rakhi laughs and makes Kinjal Aarti a hug.

Thanks to Kinjal, Rakhi cries and apologizes for not understanding that Kinjal’s happiness lies with Paritosh, who has to deal with the problem calmly instead of creating drama as she gets nothing with the drama. She then apologizes to Anu. Anu hugged her and let us forget what happened, thanks to Toshu and Kinjal for forgiving her. Kinjal hugs Pramod happily. Rakhi’s facial expressions change.

Precape: Thank you Anu for acknowledging the relationship and forgetting the hatred. Rakhi pushes her down and says she will never forget her hatred and Anu’s position is at her feet.