Anupama 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rakhi collides and mobile falls down

Anupama 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rakhi collides and mobile falls down

Anu picked up the landline hearing bell. Wanraj says Ba’s phone is off so she should inform him that he has reached Hyderabad. She asks him to call Ba every 3 hours. He tells her he is not her father’s servant. He warns her not to drag her dead father in the meantime and says she is illiterate, but the mobile telecolor in Hyderabad knows not to speak Gujarati. Vanraj smokes. Rakhi informs her resort owner boyfriend about Vanraj and Kavya colleagues and tells them about their illicit relationship and not their honeymoon couple. Anu prepares the pickle.

Samar gets excited to see the pickle and asks if he has any bad feeling seeing Papa’s relationship. She tells him she doesn’t and instead feels pain. They say they are hiding it from the family and what if the family finds out about it. They say they need to protect it as much as possible. Wanraj and Kavya’s romance continues. He tells her that he saw Rakhi, then shows her a news paper ad. Kavya says she was shocked by him. Thank god Rakhi Newspaper that they did not see her. They both start taking selfies, and they click on their romantic pictures.

Anu teaches students to dance online at Nandini’s home. Nandini praises her and says she wants to be her daughter. Samar gets tense hearing this and thinks nothing but his daughter. Anu says her daughter and always welcome her home. Kinjal breaks in and informs Anu that Ba is calling her after Rakhi sends her some pictures. Anu rushes home. Ba shows Rakhi selfies and tells her why she sent him to her, she apologized for the morning misconduct and reserved rooms for them at the resort, perhaps because she wanted to find a place for Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding. The family gets excited when they hear it. Anu agrees to go and thinks its Rakhi’s evil plan or that she thinks too much. Nandini tells Kinjal that she does not come as a family event. Kinjal insists. Samar is disappointed when he hears it.

Mamaji suggests that Nandini is a self-made girl and he must persuade her by asking her to pay her own bill. Bapuji says that Samar will do the same and if Nandini is short of money he will also contribute. Nandini agrees. Ba calls Dali and her family and asks Anu to inform Vanaraj. Anu sends Vanaraj a message that he is leaving, while Tosu is busy guiding his packing. They all book the passengers. Ba surprises the family by wearing a Punjabi suit. The family forces Anu to wear a Punjabi suit. Bapuji says his daughter wears jeans. Anu Shies.

Wanraj and Kavya’s romance continues. Resort owner informs Rakhi that Vanraj has booked a special surprise cake and champagne for his girlfriend’s birthday at tomorrow’s sharp 12th.

Precape: Vanaraj calls Anu and goes out one day and scolds her for leaving. She says she came with family. He asks for the resort name. He says Vado, Rakhi collides and mobile falls down.