Anupama 21st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Anu enters the school and informs the principal

Anupama 21st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Anu enters the school and informs the principal

Ba is furious to see Kinjal sitting down with Toshu, and responds that Sas / Mill is feeding and that Multi / DIL is not supporting her. Kinjal asks Anu whether she should be fed. Anu is not saying today, but tomorrow.

Kinjal asks Tosu if he wants to have food on the same plate as before. Samar grinned at him. Mamaji says he and Bapuji need to have food on the same plate and their love grows. Ba scolds him and then warns Anu to explain to his side not to show love / PDA in front of everyone.

After Dinner, Toshu takes Kinjal to his room. Samar walked out saying he had some work to do. Toshu closes the door and becomes romantic with Kinjal. She shyly says that anyone will enter. He tells her and Samar’s room, so no one comes. Anu knocks on the door and asks if she can come inside. They both partially walk in and ask her to come inside.

Anu Toshu sends him to get a PAN from the outside and Kinjal explains that although Ba and Bapuji have modern thinking, it is not appropriate for the PDA to show up as elders. Kinjal asks if it is not right to have food on the same plate. Anu says that in Ba and Bapuji’s times, it is not advisable for the couple to talk to the elders. Kinjal says he does not have grandparents and elders at home, so he is careful from here on out.

Toshu goes back to bring Samar Pan, then says why she sent him. She listens and then asks Kinjal to sleep in her or Pakhi’s room until she marries again with the blessings of the elders. Kinjal nodded yes, and Anu walked away thinking she had to do this because she had to hold the whole family together. Toshu complains, but Kinjal says he has to do it for the family.

Anu tells Ba about it, who’s good, and Toshu doesn’t understand, she explains it to Kinjal, though Vanaraj would have been there if he had explained it. He asks not to worry about the cost of marriage as Vanraj has taken responsibility, he celebrates Toshu and Kinjal’s marriage according to their status and shares 50% of the amount with Rakhi.

Toshu comes running and talks to Kinjal on the phone and tells him that he has had a sudden abdominal pain. Ba and Anu run to her and then Samar and Pakhi and all who care about her feel comfortable with her.

Anu brings a mixture of ajwain and black salt and feeds Kinjal. Kinjal immediately feels relieved and says the painkiller was not working so well. Ba says housewares work well, the kitchen is not only the main room for women but also the pharma restroom. Hearing Rakhi’s conversation and hearing that Kinjal is doing just fine. Anu then puts Kinja to sleep on her lap.

Kinjal says that she once had a severe illness as a child and wanted to cuddle her mother as Anu does now, while Rakhi was busy with coaching classes. Anu says that Rakhi may feel worse than Kinjal, but sometimes one has to sacrifice family for work. Didi has asked to meet her at her school tomorrow for teacher work, and at Devika’s request, Principal Madame gives her another chance and she receives a message from Devika that she cannot lose her job.

At night, Vanraj hears shocking news about his company’s merger. Poetry wakes up to her reaction and asks what happened. The news of the company’s merger is true, he says, and many employees miss the change after a management change. Kavya hopes she won’t lose her job. Wanraj says he does not and he admires his new boss for his agility as an old man. Poetry feels that it is not so simple.

Returning home in the morning, Anu informs her that the family has returned to school. Ba asks who does the housework then. Mamaji jokes his Didi. Anu says that after finishing all work, she goes to school.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, Samar informs her that she must be at school, Ba asks who prepares breakfast, and says that if il ilmil who clean the house, see Kinjal, she will. Rakhi enters to respond and listen in 2 days, they are working on their daughter.

Bama jokes with Mamaji to disconnect the cable because he sees the drama of Nagin every day from here. Rakhi says her daughter has no habit of oily and spicy food, so she sends her food and mineral water from here. The family responds. Rakhi says she understands as long as Kinjal is accustomed to oily and spicy foods. She asks the servants to display the food and place it on the table.

Anu asks what is all this. Rakhi also said that she is a mother and understands her feelings, she has just brought food and not a dowry, every mother worries for her children. Samar reminds Anu that they are late. Bapuji says he is late for work. Rakhi responds by saying that Anu is now going to work and that her side will work in the kitchen. Anu remembers Rakhi’s challenge to make her daughter brainwash and hate Anu.

Ba Wanraj tells her that she will, and that Rakhi’s family will not pay the men if she doesn’t bring her husband to talk about the marriage. Rakhi tells her. Ba asks her to call in the evening and come with her husband only if Vanaraj is free. Kinjal asks Anu to go to school and Anu to go there, thanks for bringing food to Rakhi today but tomorrow she is happy with her family and no need for Rakhi’s intervention. Rakhi was shocked to hear that.

PreCap: Anu enters the school and informs the principal that she has responsibility for her children and mother-in-law, so she won’t do anything wrong this time. Kavya tells Vanaraj that if she does not repay her loss by losing the contracts, she will lose her job. Vanraj feels that Anupama is moving forward with small steps in life and pushing him back.