Anupama 21st November 2020 Written Update: Shah’s interrupted Wanraj and Kavya’s date

Anupama 21st November 2020 Written Update: Shah’s interrupted Wanraj and Kavya’s date

Shaw’s delight on the mini bus. They sing son together. Dolly says that Vajiraj is not like that, even Anupama has come with him. Next, Hasmuk says at last when we go on a picnic together. Anupama recalls 8 years ago and says. Leela says the time was not even with Vanraj. Anupama has been crying thinking since she was 8, Wanraj and Kavya are in a relationship and have shared a bed. Furthermore, Shaw sings and enjoys his song.

Here, Rakhi feels that she did not wait for her barat in the same way she waited for Shah. Anupama then arrives at the resort with his family. Anupama Wanraj and Kavya fail to see them. She sees the couple kissing together and feels that Lila and Hasmuk are not comfortable seeing all of this. Rakhi greets Leela and the others. Paritosh and Kinjal discuss their marriage with Leela Rakhi. Rocky thinks his trip will be so memorable that he won’t be able to forget the others.

Rakhi invites Shah into the pool area for the purpose of exposing Vanraj. Anupama refuses to go to the side of the pool with Lila and Hasmukh. Rakhi asks what the problem is for sitting on the pool side. Samar says Hasmukh and Leela are not comfortable together. Everyone agrees with Anupama. If Rakhi fails one of her plans, she won’t stop trying because she spends too much to expose Vanraj.

Kinjal thanked Rakhi and hoped that she intended to plant a holiday for Shah. Here, see the message of Vanaraj Anupama and call her. He asks Anupama, he is not at home so she is wandering around. Anupama informs Vanraj that the entire Shah family is at a Rakhi booked resort. Vanaraj asks Anupama the name of the resort. Rakhi interrupts Anupama and says that Vanaraj should open up before everyone else. Lila, on the other hand, is excited to see the resort’s large living room.

Later, Hasmukh says he does not understand the sudden change in Rakhi’s behavior. Lila agrees with him. Next, Kinjal and Nandini share one room and Paritosh and Samar share another room.

Nandini tells Kinjal that she can tell if she wants to spend time with Paritosh and she walks out of the room. Kinjal asks Nandini not to go to the garden but instead share a room with Samar. Samar is excited to hear.

Later, Rakhi shows Anupama in her living room. Anupama would be amazed to see such a large room. Moreover, Anupama listens and fidgets with the voice of Vanaraj and Kavya. She decides to knock on Kavya’s room. Kavya is about to open the door. (Issue ends)

PreCap: Shah’s interrupted Wanraj and Kavya’s date.