Anupama 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update

Anupama 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update

Wanraj asks the door bell and Kavya asks him if anything is bothering him. Saying no to poetry, Vanraj grabs her and walks to the door when she gets romantic. Anu Ringing Bell hears the hotel staff standing in this room, opposite her. Hotel staff say there is also a honeymoon suit like hers. Anu shyly walked into her room. Samar forces Nandini to swing on the swinger. She says she has a fear of falling and cannot.

He assures her that nothing will happen and swings her. She enjoys swinging first and then falling down. He helps her get up and their eyes are locked. Tosu and Kinjal walk away in a rage and inform them that they should all be together in Ba and Bapuji’s room. The whole family gathers in Ba and Bapuji’s room and enjoys an interstellar and dance tour. Rakhi thinks he is acting too loud and Vanaraj does not see him and escapes from the hotel.

Vanaraj sings a song with champagne and cake for Kavya and dances with her. He is disturbed by hearing loud music from an adjoining room. Kavya complains. He tries to go outside to complain, but the poet prevents him, so he calls the room’s landline. Anu chooses a call, but with loud music they do not hear each other’s voice and disconnect the call. Rakhi hopes no family members will see Vanraj tomorrow as the whole family wants to see him with Kavya.

The next morning, the whole family entertains outdoor games with guests. Ba loses the game. Rakhi says they should try a pool or pool game. Anu asks how many members can play. Rakhi says 2. Anu says the game is great, it can be played with the whole family. Ba asks Rakhi to play her cooker game alone and goes away with Anu to pay badminton. Rakhi’s resort owner friend Janaki, Vanaraj and Kavya tell them not to go sightseeing and are in their room.

Rakhi asks her to come out at night to send him out anyway and to stop seeing the family. Nearby, Samar and Nandini mistakenly fall on the flower bed and meet their eyes. They get up with anxiety. Kinjal scolded them, and Nandini walked away in shame. Kinjal instructs Samar to propose Nandini and do not delay. Seeing it, Rakhi feels that his father is behind his aunt and son Sosa.

The family plays badminton. Bapuji Dhalgaya sung by Din Hogai Sham..Song and Ba remembers when he saw the movie and wanted to play badminton as a hero and heroine. Ba remembers and says he was middle-class and could not bear it because of his responsibilities.

Anu urges the whole family to try now. If they play a song, Bapuji and Ba will play badminton. Sitting in the garden with Kavya, Vanraj says this is Ba and Bapuji’s favorite song. Their romance continues. Kavya says they cannot tolerate loud music and that they should go to their room. Vanraj agrees.

PreCap: Happy Birthday to Vanraj Mandiuri Kavya and say I love you.
Anu claps with her family. Ba struck him as if he was ashamed to call him his son.