Anupama 8th May 2021: Kinjal threatens Kavya, this big drama will happen in the ashram after 2 days

Anupama Serial 8th May 2021 Written Update

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Very Intresting Star Plus serial Anupama in upcoming episode. Engagement and another track Anupama Vanraj’s divorce from Talaq, now no one told her about the night at 1:00 pm Anupam’s voice. She has gone before the Shah family and said about Anupama Vanraj’s divorce and the whole family is sad if you think that only Kavya has spread the color of happiness.

And if Kavya is calm, then you are wrong. In the coming episodes, Kavya Anupama will be accused of many things.

Neither Amitabh nor she would say that Anupama is not deliberately offering Veer with me.

You purposely keep Weir in the veins of the family. So she stays away from me and stays with you and doesn’t give you divers.

But if someone always blames you, make sense when calm, but do you think your children are calm, whether or not you can tolerate the mummy asking so many things, then Kinjal will give you the correct answer.

Anupama Serial Upcoming Episode Twist

What’s the middle drama? Being done when Bhavya feels that she is more important to Anupama and her family, here the poetry gets angry and ruins everything after that, now you are seeing how the story is going to look.

At this time, the whole family is happy with the marriage of Nandini and these two, in the pre-wedding arrangement of Nandini and Samar,

Vanaraj is currently getting this special with Anupama and her entire family. After the time and Kavya is doing all these things

A full two plan has been brought in to pay the tax. If the release is disturbed in color, this Kavya needs to do a complete project, which you will see in the upcoming track, where you will see Anupama and the High Voltage drama. You see things from afar, then fires, you see Kavya reach the same place, her mother asks Kavya at her place of engagement.

And you see Vanraj telling the whole family about the witchcraft of these two. Give Biha poetry to the whole family, today you will have Nandini and Samar’s wedding, dance and singing and Anupama Vanraj’s Witch Orchestra tomorrow;

Anupama Vanavas’s Silence Leela Pakhi and everyone else is so depressed that the valley drama starts from here. Not so much

In the upcoming episode, Kavya begins to tell Anupama a fair greeting, Kavya will say bitter words to Anupama, you will come to you deliberately and repeatedly at 1:00 pm because you don’t want to be a nightmare, you don’t want it to be a Witch And I hear even more grief and see that all this stuff cannot tolerate the kinkel out there. Limitations.

If you once tried to say something about my father-in-law and you said something bad about my mother, I would forget who you were. I forget what your relationship with Nandani is. Kinjal Kavya gives him a favor here Anupama, he says the last warning and poetry you have to say, you said a word, now you are not against my mother.

Poetry’s senses fly by looking at the land map. Kinjal threatens to lift his hand here and Kavya

Who knows how to keep Kavya’s mouth shut and Anupama’s sis Kinjal move in interesting order? According to this, Kavya’s wisdom comes to teach her how much Anupama is becoming, with her witch-bosom, home-drama, when do you go, how many of you are excited about the subject. Down.

If you do not forget to say, you have seen me say that my mother is all for kinzel poetry but I am also silent.It is not necessary, even if the mother does not answer your words, but I will not give it to you. Do not assume that your mischievous mother will tolerate it. I am not and Kavya’s face is colored.

For Anupama, in the next issue of Kinjal Kriya orders, you will learn all about adventure in the Ashram track. Now what does Kinjal listen to Kinjal’s words and what does Anupama do to Shah? What stance is poetic after seeing family love?

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