Anupama Future Story 12 December 2020 Anupama Seeks Help From Vanraj

Anupama Future Story 12 December 2020 Anupama Seeks Help From Vanraj

In the latest issue of Anupama, we see Kavya recalling Anupama’s statement, in which she says that Vanraj did not come to her because of her own ich. Instead, they will go to you because Bapuji kicked them out. Meanwhile, Vanraj returns home and hugs Kavya as she throws a lavish party and Pakhi is delighted.

Vanyaraj asks if Kavya is happy for him, Kavya replies that she is very happy. Vanaraj further adds that she is ecstatic about Pakhi and has no trouble living with her. He asks Kavya if she has any problems with Pakhi living in this house.

Kavya says she has no problem but you should ask his lawyer about his witchcraft and the custody of his children. Poetry says that Anupama and he can only marry if they get witch-ceded. Both Samar and Toshu are frustrated by their personal reasons. If Toshu is thinking of Kinjal, then Samar is thinking of Nandini.

The next morning Ba is analyzing the monthly cost of his house, telling Anupama that his expenses are going up huge. Anupama says how much their grocery bill is going up. Anupama replied that it was because of Pakhi’s birthday. Ba asks what about the remaining bills, including water, electricity, and phone bills.

Anupama replies that they try to keep the consumption items at bay and cut costs. Ba says he now uses luxury items. Now, it’s hard to control their costs. Ba, Bapuji, Samar, Toshu are listening to their conversation. Anupama remembers Wanraj’s words when he says twice that he will soon run home and handle things.

Anupama calls someone and tells her that she needs money because her house costs are out of control. Vanraj laughed and froze the call. Kavya informed Vanaraj that Pakhi had blocked her from social media. Pkahi’s attitude has completely changed. Samar scolds Pakhi for unblocking Kavi.

Pakhi replies that Kavya has done a lot for herself. Now, she doesn’t care about anyone. Rashi learns about the financial crisis of Shah’s family and insults Anupama. Tosu warns her to meet her daughter. Anupama says Kinjal loves Toshu. Rakhi says you love Vanaraj too, even then he betrays you.