Anupama Serial Today Episode, Written Update 12th December 2020

Anupama Serial Today Episode, Written Update 12th December 2020  – Sudden Outrage Rakhi arrives home. She hurts sympathy. Leela asks Rakhi not to show any drama to the neighbors by arguing on the roads. She calls Rakhi into the house. Rakhi tells Leela that she has not come to speak, but to create drama, she wants the audience. She asks the family to come out and watch the drama.

She tells the family that she has come to insult them because she is too shy. Anupama stops her. Rakhi tells her that they will not stop insulting her until they get back after Kinjal. He thought he would break his relationship with Vanraj, but he had no self esteem, he was still in talks with him.

She asks Anupama why she welcomes Vanaraj home when she cheats. They say they are not great people, but they understand that they are destitute people, they want money from Vanraj to run the house. For a live-in with Kavya, he asks how can he forgive Vanraj for his relationship. He says it is disgusting that he is inviting Vanraj for money. When Vanraj does not provide him with the money, he asks if he is in trouble if he loses a job for some reason. She asks Anupama whether she will make Kavya her friend for the money. Leela asks Rakhi what it means.

Rakhi explains them. She says her friend’s husband is also such, he has many businesses and is forgiven by his wife, his wife needs money, she can’t run a house without money. She also asks Anupama to forgive Vaneraj and Kavya by editing poetry too.

She says that perhaps Vanaraj Kavya’s earnings have also been taken. Anupama asks if she knows the truth of the affair. He commented that Anupama was compensated for sharing her husband with Kavya.

She insults them further. Anupama loses her cool. She prevents Rakhi from insulting the elders. She says Vanaraj is coming home because she has had relationships with elders and children. Leila also replies to Rakhi. Anupama says he has the decency to run the house.