Anupamaa upcoming story: Wanraj returns home

Anupamaa upcoming story: Wanraj returns home

In the upcoming installments of Anupamaa Viewers will see that the sequel to Star Plus brings another storm in the Rakhi Shah family. She has warned Anupama that Toshi and her family members should stop brainwashing her daughter to marry Toshi. She threatens Paritosh, Samar and Pakhi not to meet or call Kinjal. She told him that she would soon send Kinjal to the USA and warned him not to stop Kinjal otherwise she would put the whole family in jail.

Baristo shrugs again at the thought of losing Kinjal forever. He blames Anupama and Vanaraj for breaking their relationship. Anupama calls Vanaraj to meet Toshi and tells him to meet his son. At Anupama’s call, Vanraj is upset by the fact that he is going to meet his family again.

Now, in the upcoming installments, we will see the re-entry of Kavya’s husband Anirudh. It is learned that Kavya has been separated from Anirudh but the two have not yet officially become Witchced. Anirudh enters the house of poetry with his bags. He uses his keys and finds Kavya and Vanraj romancing in the kitchen. Vaneraj is annoyed that he always catches him as an ardi-hand. They show their rights on the house and say that they stay in this house whenever they are in Ahmedabad. He says the three may be happily together at home and that they have no problems.

Vanaraj smokes furiously and blames Kavya because he does not belong to her own home or her home. He angrily leaves the house. Kavya fails to stop them and is much shredder.

Wanraj returns home. Everyone in the Shaw family eats breakfast as they enter the house and greet them all. They are all shocked to see him.