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Anupamaa Written Update 12 November 2020

Anupamaa Written Update 12 November 2020

Anupama serial begins with Bapuji gaining consciousness. Vanaraj tells Bapuji that if he tries to scare him again, he will argue with him. Anupama then enters and tells Bapuji that it is not good for his health and not to think again about the cream roll.

Vanaraj shouts at Anupama because her Bapuji is in this state. She didn’t take care of Bapuji while Vanraj was away.
Ba asks why Vanaraj is shouting at Anupama. She is angry and asks Vanaraj where she was last night when her family needed him. Everyone tried to call him, but Ba says he switched off his phone and disappeared.

Thanks to Ba Anupama for saving Bapuji. Later at home, Vanaraj goes back to his job to prepare. Kinjal comes to pick up Anupama. Anupama tells Ba that she wants to learn how to drive a car and that Kinjal is going to teach her. Anushma says she doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle and how she can drive a car.

Vanaraj scolds Anupama that now she has started a new drama. Ba tells Anupama to bow down to her husband and not argue with Vanraj.
Toshu is angry and tries to remove the L sign from the car as he thinks Vanaraj and Ba Anupama will not be allowed to learn driving. Samar tells Anupama that the way she handles her life is to control the steering of the car.

Precap: Anupama is driving a car. Vanraj respects and goes ahead. Anupama has overtaken Vanraj.