Apna Time Bhi Aayega 22th November 2020 Written Update: Rani deliberately spills alcohol on Jay that shows him a slip

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 22th November 2020 Written Update: Rani deliberately spills alcohol on Jay that shows him a slip

Weir’s cocktail party. Queen Jae sees her at the party and yesterday he thinks he will run away from her but today she is here with a complete proof plan to catch him so he cannot escape from her. Jay calls someone and calls the guy useless and tells the person to do what he was told to do.

Nandini comes there and listens to him and asks who he is talking to and he seems to be talking to his girlfriend. He gets annoyed when he hears her and shouts at her. She was teasing him but he took it seriously. Weir comes in and asks what’s going on here. Before Nandini says anything, Jay tells her that nothing is great, and that he was on a great call and she joked, so he overreacted to it and apologizes for saying he misunderstood her.

The queen asks if Weir even doubts Jai. She says she doesn’t want to get Jay’s letter certificate from her. He says they should investigate him properly before they give it to their daughter because that’s what they do in their village. He scolds her and tells her to focus on her work. They get a call from the hospital and move on from there. She thinks about how to describe him to Jay. She spilled alcohol on Kiara by mistake. Kiara scolded her. Vikram teases her. She was going to swatch it.

Vijay tells her to go to the kitchen and he tells Champa to clean it. She moves to the kitchen and says she wants a slip of Jay.

She collides with peace and apologizes. This is Jay’s clothes, Shanti says he can’t do anything wrong while washing. It was the shock that the Queen took the note from her clothes and realized it was the parking slip of the accident. When the party is over, she decides to give Vijay this proof, then she puts Jay in jail and releases Ramadhir.

Kiara asks the queen where her special dish is. She calls Pinku and asks what he is looking for. He wanted to know how the party would be held in the city because he had just seen the village parties. She asks what this party is like. He says this party is boring. She tells him to dance like he enjoys at a village party. Rani says if Rajeshwari comes to know her, she will bail.

Kiara tells Pinky to dance, saying she’s not here. Dikwijay thinks that Rajeshwari is not here to see this otherwise she will not leave them. Harry calls Rajeshwari and tells him to arrange the money that he said was saved by the Queen yesterday but it will not be repeated. She tells him to come to her palace after the party is over and he gets his money and disconnects Kara. She calls the guy and tells the guy to start a system of teaching someone.

Queen and Pinku were dancing. The queen realizes that she is making fun of them and tells them to stop dancing and Pinku too. Weir gets there and scolds Kiara. Kiara says he’s having fun and asks why he’s interrupted. He remembers Rajeshwari’s words and controls her from saying anything. The Queen takes Pinku from there. As she dances with him, he asks why she is scolding him.

Weir says it’s her fault and she shouldn’t scold him. In the village he praised them but here they say they are mocking them. He tells her he has been telling her for a long time but she does not understand him. He says Kiara and Weir look at each other. Sometimes they say they have to do everything for their family, and they say that they do everything for Ramadhwari, they do everything for Rajeshwari.

PreCap – The Rani deliberately spills alcohol on Jay that shows him a slip.