As the NEET deferred, the government may grant covidi duty to nursing and MBBS finalists

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reviewed various human resource measures for effective management of coronary heart disease. At this time it was considered to postpone NEET 2021 and call for nursing and MBBS pass out students on the Kovid-19 duty.

Details of the government’s final decision in this regard are expected to be released on Monday.

According to the PTI, there are reports from government sources that the decision may include postponing the NEET exam and calling MBBS pass-through students to coronary epidemic duty. Final year nursing and final year MBBS students may also be charged.

Covid-19 may be preferred in government appointments to medical personnel performing duties and may provide some financial assistance in the form of allowances.

Sunday’s meeting was called in keeping with news of the acute health system in some parts of the country as coronavirus rates are rapidly increasing. The Corona Probe facility is undergoing its maximum load.