Aslam Amit became … Love Jihad Law CM Yogi Adityanath says – Marry cheating, it is considered criminal

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday said that the law of Love Jihad applies equally to all. It does not apply to any one religion or caste. If he commits a Hindu crime, he is treated like a Muslim. If someone marries a woman cheating, hiding, cheating it falls into the category of crime. CM Yogi Adityanath said that the Kerala High Court in 2009 was concerned that Love Jihad was part of the conspiracy to make Kerala an Islamic nation. He said that every person is free to follow his religion, but no one can impose force.

CM Yogi, speaking on the subject of Love Jihad, tells the story of a case in Meerut. He said there was a boy named Aslam. After Amit married a Hindu girl and started living in her house. The two lived together for many years. When one child was born, a family of three was formed. During this time, he began to pressure a Hindu woman to accept Islam. The woman said your name was Amit, how did Aslam become. My real name is Aslam.

Speaking to Aaj Tak, CM Yogi said that the woman had told the whole thing to one of her friends. Her friend begins to see that the woman has not been seen for several days. One day a man named Aslam, who lives by the name of Amit, was lost by closing the door of his house. He then lodged a complaint with the police, but when the police checked in, they found nothing. Then, when the letter came to me, I ordered it. Later, when the house was broken into, the woman and her daughter were buried and murdered. He was later caught in a police encounter.

The Chief Minister said that the cases of Love Jihad have come up in Ita and Lucknow. 50-55 steps have been taken since the enactment of this law. We will never allow the state to spoil the atmosphere. He said there was not a single riot in Uttar Pradesh in four years.