Attackers said CCTV cameras and toilets were placed on the Gazipur border – keep in mind the Prime Minister’s appeal

There is ongoing exercise to intensify the agitation of the peasant movement against agrarian laws. On Wednesday, the 84-day farmer movement on the Delhi border against agrarian laws was completed, but so far there has been no consensus between the government and the farmers. Meanwhile, protesters have installed CCTV cameras and makeshift toilets on the Ghazipur border. Dinesh Sharma, one of the protesters, said the toilets were installed under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Clean India Vision.

Speaking to news agency ANI, he said: “Our Prime Minister always talks about Swachh, so as farmers we are taking all the precautions to protect Swachh Border on the Gazipur border. That’s why we even set up toilets here. ‘The goons have abused the protesting farmers a few days ago and that is why CCTV cameras have been installed in the area to identify such anti-social elements in the future,’ he said.

Farmers are planning to grow vegetables on the Ghazipur border, Sharma said. He said, ‘There is an empty land to grow vegetables on both sides. We have been here a long time because we have a long war with the government. Solid preparations need to be made for the long war. There is a forest around, which we clear. He said the area is ideal for agriculture. The government can pull the fight for as long as it wants. We want to make it clear that farmers will not leave without taking their rights.

    The Gazipur border

Another farmer, Virender Singh, who was involved in the protests at the Ghazipur border, also expressed similar concerns. “There have been many attacks on farmers and the government is not prepared to take any action against the attackers,” Singh said. Now, with the installation of CCTV cameras, farmers will know how these attacks are being carried out and who has conspired against them.