Auto companies have taken strong measures to protect employees amid the damage of Kovid-19

Amid the damage of the Kovid-19 across the country, top automakers have begun to take steps to protect their employees from this corona. With the Kovid-19 conversion boom, Maruti Suzuki, MG Motor, Hero MotoCorp and Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India have already suspended manufacturing operations at their manufacturing plants to break the transition chain. Other companies involved in manufacturing are taking various preventive measures, including reducing the number of people in factories and reducing production. He has also launched several welfare projects.

Tata Motors, the country’s largest automaker, has told PTI that the company is wary of the Kovid-19’s growing crisis and has stepped up efforts to ensure the safety of its employees. Apart from mandatory screening by Tata Motors, the plant is being screened and if there are any signs of infection, the company said it will make sure to keep it separate. The company offers him all the help for the cornerstone and finds people in contact with him.

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Mahindra & Mahindra says it is helping its employees to take advantage of the ongoing immunization program across the country. Mahindra & Mahindra Human Resources Officer (Automotive and Farm Sectors) Rajeshwar Tripathi said the company would bear the cost of vaccination for its employees and their spouse. For this the company has partnered with hospitals in many places. MG Motor has temporarily closed its plant in Halol, Gujarat, but is still working with a minimum of staff at its service center.