Aviation fuel prices go up, air travel can be expensive

Aviation fuel rates have been increased by seven per cent from today, which is likely to increase flight rates. According to Indian Oil Corp., the country’s largest oil marketing company, the price of fuel in the nation’s capital has risen to Rs 61,690.28 per kiloliter since May 1. It was Rs 57,805.28 per kiloliter in April. Thus, its price rose by 6.72 per cent to Rs 3,885.

Similarly, in Mumbai, aviation fuel is expensive at Rs 3912.75, which is seven per cent and Rs 59,822.90 per kiloliter from Saturday. In April, it was priced at Rs 55,910.15 per kiloliter.

It is 6.30 per cent more expensive in Kolkata and 6.84 per cent in Chennai. Its price is now Rs 66,245.74 in Kolkata and Rs 63,095.36 per kiloliter in Chennai. Aviation fuel prices are reviewed every month.

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