Babulal writes to Hindu Mahasabha in Rahul’s name: Name the party to Godsewadi Congress

Ever since former Hindu leader Babulal Chaurasia entered the Madhya Pradesh Congress, political mercury has been on the rise. In this issue, he wrote a letter to Rahul Gandhi targeting the Hindu Mahasabha Congress. In the letter, the Congress party has to change its name to the ‘Goddist Congress’ in which no public trust in the country is left to the Congress. It is being said that Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath have written a similar letter to Rahul Gandhi.

The letter, written by Rahul Mahasabha General Secretary Vinod Joshi to Rahul Gandhi, states that the Congress has confessed its guilt and that Godse has accepted the ideology of Godse who killed Gandhi. He said Babulal Chaurasia, a former councilor who built the Nathuram Godse Temple in Gwalior, could join the Congress. This proves that no ordinary citizen of the country has any faith in the Congress party. Therefore, the name of the Congress should be changed to “Godsist Congress” and put the picture in office so that you can save your political nature and increase the power of the Godsist organization.

In fact, the Hindu Mahasabha wrote a letter to Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath on February 26 stating that the Congress had accepted Nathuram Godse’s ideology by joining the Hindu Mahasabha Babulal in the party. So this is a victory for the Hindu Mahasabha. On the other hand, the Hindu Mahasabha, Babulal Chaurasia, cheated on us and said that he got the membership of Congress. In such a situation, we have already separated them from our firm, but now in this episode, Bhagwati Devi, wife of Babulal Chaurasia, has been ousted from the post of Convener of the Hindu Mahasabha for 2 years.