Bangladesh protests against Pakistan, people say their policy is ‘Urdu only’

Pakistan Protest on International Mother Tongue Day on Sunday in Bangladesh’s Capital Ka During this period a cycle rally and seminar were held. Participants recalled the independence movement and Pakistan’s role in suppressing the Bangla language.

Bangladesh’s Social Workers Forum (BSAF), the leading NGO, the foundation of the country’s nationalist movement, held meetings and held rallies in different parts of the country. The speakers paid tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in the Bengali national movement and criticized the Bengali national movement and the strong rule of Pakistani rulers who sought to curb Bangladesh’s independence struggle.

In Kaaka, volunteers from the BSAF massacred the kaaka Central Martyr Minar, then rallied through the National Museum’s Kaaka University. The event was attended by freedom fighters, intellectuals and scholars.

At the rally, posters denouncing Pakistan were displayed in 1952 for their brutal attempt to curb the Bengali language movement. In his speech, the speakers decided not to forget Pakistan’s atrocities on the Bengali people.

In his speech, the speakers recalled Pakistan’s evil intention of extinguishing Bangladeshi language and culture through a ‘just Urdu’ policy, which was opposed by the freedom-loving Bengali population. The speakers recalled that Pakistan’s evil designs to control Bangladesh continued unabated and were still in various forms. He pledged to oppose Pakistan’s disgusting designs and constantly fought for the protection of the country’s independence and independence.

Cycle Rally was organized by the India-Bangladesh Harmony Association (BBSS) Welfare Association. About 135 people attended the rally, led by the president of the organization, Taufiq Ahmed Tasafir. Speaking during the event, the speakers said innocent Bangladeshis were tortured by Pakistani forces. He wanted to curb the freedom of speech of the Bengali people. He said, ‘We do not condone Pakistan who emptied her mother’s lap to speak in her mother tongue. Those who do not accept their Bengali cannot become our friends. ‘