Bani saves Balwant from gandhak patthar but she loses control

In last night’s episode, we saw how Sakura in the guise of Weir saves Bani from falling to the ground. Jay is upset with Sakura (Dheeraj Dhooper) for failing to keep his promise. Bani (Surbhi Chandna) accidentally discovers Gandak Pathar (red stone) and is unaware of its magical powers. Balwant knows what Gandhak Pathar is capable of doing and is afraid to find out that the red stone is not in the taikhana (safe house). Also Read – Nagin 5: Sharad Malhotra Opens Upon Returning To Sets; ‘Surbhi Chandna, she is happy to come to me and take me back’

Balwant (Parag Tyagi) asks Veer whether he has taken Gandhak Pathar. Weir refuses because he has no clue about the red stone as he is an impersonator of the real Veer (Sharad Malhotra). Balwant tells Veer that he alone can control the irrepressible power of the stone. He informs Jay (Mohit Sehgal) about the red stone and the latter goes to find it. Also Read – Nagin 5 Written Update, 17 October 2020: Bani Weir questions his identity, red stone attack Balwant and others enjoy watching

When Bani opens her closet, she accidentally releases the Gandhak Pathar, which begins attacking the Cheals, including Balwant, asking Weir to control her powers. Weir avoids attack with red stone and Balwant gets its taste like the others. Weir, with a bad smile on his face, enjoys watching the red cheeks suffer from cheeks, which prompts Bani to question Veena’s identity. Also Read – Teach You How To Pose In Nagin 5’s Bani Sharma aka Surbi Chandana Saree – View Images

In tonight’s episode, we see Bani controlling the red stone with her powers. She grabs the red stone in her hand and saves all the cheeks from its rage. Balwant will face Bani, who later learns that Gandhak Pathar has disappeared from his possession.

Weir and Bani then look for the red stone because they both control its power and use it as their ich. They reach a secluded spot, where Weir turns into a chill and flies off to capture Gandhak Pathar.