Banking, debit card, Aadhaar and biometric withdrawals will be launched from PACS in 6740 villages in Uttar Pradesh from July 1.

Cooperative Sector Preparedness Committees (PACS) in the villages will start providing banking services from July 1. The state government has given the department of co-operation to supply 7414 micro-ATM packs to the packs. Business representatives tasked with managing micro ATMs at PACS will be trained this month.

Withdrawal from Debit Card, Aadhaar and Biometric

Micro ATMs are fully integrated into netbanking. Villagers will be able to withdraw funds from these ATMs through their debit card exchange, Aadhaar based and biometric system. With this ATM, funds can be withdrawn from rural cooperative banks and other national and private sector debit cards. District Cooperative Bank and U.P. CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD. Bank account holders are able to deposit money into their account through a business representative who operates a micro ATM. This is seen as a revolutionary step in the field of rural banking.

Micro ATMs worth Rs 21 crore

UP CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD. According to Bhupendra Kumar Vishnoi, Managing Director, 7414 Micro ATMs have been called for the location of 6740 packs in the state. The purchase of this ATM is worth around Rs 21 crore. At present, the company aims to withdraw Rs 10 lakh annually through packs through Micro ATMs, he said. This goal is enhanced as villagers connect to the facility.

1391 packs will be computerized this year

In addition to providing micro ATMs in packs, computerization of packs has also begun. 294 PACS computerization in collaboration with NABARD. Computers will be installed in 1391 packs this financial year. Computerization of packs has begun in collaboration with the central government. 60 percent will be from the central government and 40 percent from the state government or the UPCB and DCB. All packs will be computerized in three years. The project is estimated to cost Rs 58.81 crore. With computerization, PACS acts as an extension of cooperative banks.

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