Barister Babu 25th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita saying that your mum will sing this lullaby for you

Barister Babu 25th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita saying that your mum will sing this lullaby for you. What nonsense, who sent you here, you mocked my late wife here, you came to ruin our worship, you need money, fine. He gives her the money and asks her to get lost. The girl puts the money in a charity box.

You say you are still talking about money, I have never been more concerned with money than relationships, you know I don’t want a rupee from family. She asks Bondita to trust her. I know what you are trying to do, you are making fun of our feelings, Anirudh says. The girl says I can’t go back until I finish my job.

Bondita asks what it is. Trilochan says there is no such thing, perhaps she came here knowing Shubh. He scolds the girl. He asks everyone to come. You know the last day I fasted for the children, I say to them, I am sorry for them, I left you all. Don’t come to her words, everyone knows about Amma, come with me, says Anirudh. Go to Munshi Haveli and say I see this girl. They all leave.

The girl smiled. Everybody comes home. Bondita asks if this is true of reincarnation, which is really my sauce. Munshi tied the girl up. She says I went to the temple and did as you say. They say I’m not happy, you couldn’t convince them, so I’m more upset with you. He remembers Saurabh.

Stop it, reincarnation and everything won’t happen, Anirudh says she’s not my mum. Trilochan says that reincarnation happens, you have to read Shastra. We have been cheated by Brijwasi before, “says Anirudh. Bondita says Ma Ji’s face has the same mole as that girl, she sings the same lullaby and even remembers your nickname. Munshi says I am thinking what to punish you.

The girl asks him to let her go, and she tries. They say I need results, target Bondita and they will come to your word. The girl says you will do what you want, why did you blindfold me. He says the family may not know who their real enemy is. He takes revenge against Anirudh. Anirudh says many people have such a mole, many mothers sing that lullaby.

Trilochan asks what that meant for the girl, she didn’t take the money. Munshi said she would find out, no need to think of her, Bondita, think of school. Looks like Sampoor’s. Trinochan sees Binoy go out at night. He asks where you are going. I go to factory work, I came to your room, you slept, I kept a letter for you, can I go now, says Binoy.

Trilochan asks him not to go, Aniruddha has got a perfect house, Bondita is saved from death, something bad happens. Then Binoy asks how we do business, I’ll be back soon. The girl meets Bondita and plans to enter the house. Munshi says I will snatch Aniruddha from him, his bad time begins now. On the way, Bondita goes to school. The girl comes to talk to her.

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