Barrister Babu 14th January 2021 Written Update

Barrister Babu 14th January 2021 Written Update

The serial begins with Bondita Munshi is with us girl, you send him to Vrndavana for work and he came to worship wearing a ghungot so we can not recognize him and he came to help the girl and you followed the girl and Munshi. I tell everyone that the girl helped open the locker and Munshi ji will cheat us, we treated him like family but he hurts you but don’t worry her husband Babu Munshi is helping the girl and will bring his truth to everyone. Anirudh stops her.

Mamie says, I will send you here to become queen but you have become a servant and now these people want to send you to the wedding and Anirudh said that they will take your responsibility but you have failed to take advantage of the opportunity. Anirudh is ill, then Mama says who can help us. Mami shuts him down and says that Binoy can help us out as he is taking on the Sampurna team. There is nothing between us and he says he has compassion for me. Their mother says you are stupid, which is why you do not understand my words if you think you should marry a person like Bihari so try to change so you can become queen of servants.

Bondita asks if he wants to tell her anything. Anirudh says yes. Bondita gives him a pen to write but she cannot until he has dipped his hand in ink and reads that they should hold Munshi as a red hand. Anirudh lost consciousness.

Anirudh and Bondita who have helped him a lot, cannot do this. Her mother says Bondita is a child but she grew up and gave her own family and with time everyone forgets the solar sacrifice and you become the servant of the Bondita children so think about your time and your future because you can be queen and you can answer abuses so choose your path Looks like Sampoor’s.

Bondita understands Anirudh’s message and thinks how to catch Munshi as a red hand than she promised Anirudh to take Munshi as a red hand and understand why he has betrayed our faith and these people can lead to her husband Babu’s situation. Munshi intends to kill Anirudh before anyone catches him and he signs the girl to implement his plan. The girl goes to Trilochan and says that this is the last day of worship and after doing this Prasad, Anirudh gets better. Trilochan says he is a mam mam and takes him to Anirudh’s room to give him a prasad.

Bondita looks after Anirudh. Starring Rishta Tera Mera. Bondita reads the book and gets a plan to capture him as a red hand and tells Aniruddha that she has found her way. Trilochan asks Bondita to feed Prasada, taken by Shubra. Bondita says she can mix something in it so I can’t eat this prasadam for her and her husband says babu is sleeping so I have it after he woke up. Trilochan agrees but the girl insists Anirudh should eat in good time and asks Trilochan to wake him up.

Trilochan awakens Anirudh and asks Bondita to feed Prasad with a spoon so he can get better. Bondita thinks what to do and she acts as if she is feeding him and Prasada falls on the cloth. Anirudh smiles and acts as if eating. Munshi hopes that no one will notice that she is not feeding him. The Bondita vase slips. Trilochan and the girl feed the whole Kheer rather than the Bondita. Munshi thinks this girl should be her husband’s protective shield but I’ll kill him for sure. Bondita feels that her grandmother Babu is not going to let her face any problems and exposes the girl and Munshi’s truth in front of everyone. Anirudh is proud of her