Barrister Babu 21th November 2020 Written Update: Greenwood asks guests to welcome his wife, Betty

Barrister Babu 21th November 2020 Written Update: Greenwood asks guests to welcome his wife, Betty

The serial begins with Anirudh Bondita telling him that he will go to school after getting permission and signing from Greenwood in twenty-four hours. Trilochan is unable to meet the officer because he loves to wait and in fact he has not come to his house.

Anirudh says that even God cannot be prevented now. Bondita believes that no one can stop when Anirudh decides something. Anirudh and Bondita leave for preparation. Trilochan is sure he won’t be able to get a signature from Greenwood.

Later, Anirudh visits the Greenwood office with Bondita and asks to meet him. They have been waiting for him for a long time. After some time, Bondita asks Anirudh if she is tense because she has not met Greenwood yet. Anirudh replies that he worries about the Heera Mandi girls because he does not understand how to treat them like other girls. Bondita says I also think about this.

Anirudh asks an employee of Greenwood about him but is informed that Greenwood has already left. Anirudh is shocked and understands exactly what Trilochan has said about Greenwood. Bondita gets upset and asks if she can’t go to school. She says she recognized the injustice she faced but now has no way to get rid of it. Anirudh says they go to Greenwood’s house but wonder where it is. Bondai suggests that Binoy should listen to him and that he should know and that he will not be short by bowing down to the elders.

After some time, Anirudh tries to approach Binoy. Trinochan and Bondita reunite thanks to Binoy and Anirudh Greenwood. However, before speaking with Anirudh Binoy, a man comes and invites her to a party at Greenwood, which will be held at her home at night. Anirudh is pleased with the arrival of Greenwood’s address. He tells Bondita the same and now she tells him to go to school. Bondita exclaimed.

Trilochan refused to go to the party because he did not come to his place. Binoy says he sent her an apology and suggested that Trilochan leave his anger and go to talk about the peasant problem with Greenwood. He sees Anirudh going somewhere and asks where he is going. Anirudh says he is going to Greenwood’s house to get his signature. Binoy suggests to party with them but Anirudh says he does not want foreigners to attend their party and take advantage of them. Trilochan asks her to calm down because she can’t find Greenwood now. Anirudh agrees to go to the party.

Later, Bondita comes to Aniruddha’s room with her favorite perfume. He teaches her how to spell the word “pronounce”. Anirudh says Bondita is struggling so she will learn slowly. Bondo says it was a party to Greenwood’s wedding so there would be a foreign bride. She wants to see her and asks if Anirudh will take her but he refuses to say she is too young for such parties.

He tells her that she grew up when he wanted to, and Bondita says she was young when he wanted to. Anirudh promised to get a signature from Greenwood in his school form but he was not invited. Bondita invites him in and tries to read it but it’s in English so she doesn’t understand.

Anirudh reads the address written on it and explains what is the address to Bondita. Bondita says English is such a strange language. Anirudh promised to study in school. He describes her “Woodstock House” with gestures. She tells him she’s going out to play with Bhatuk and Koily.

In the evening, Trilochan, Binoy and Anirudh arrive at the Woodstock house for a party. Trilochan asks Anirudh and Binoy to act like Roy Chowdhury, despite their relationship. Anirudh says he will leave after signing up to Bondita as Heera Mandi has to deal with the girls stuff. Binoy argues with him.

Saurabh, on the other hand, comes to Bondita and asks about Anirudh. She tells him he was at the party. Saurabh reveals that Heera Mandi girls are not in Haveli. Bondita is worried and says she should reach the party then.

Meanwhile, Trilochan, Anirudh and Binoy see that Greenwood has reserved space for them, especially since they are away from other guests. Binoy wonders why. He goes out to sit on an armchair but the servant tells him that the seat is reserved for someone else. Trilochan angrily sits down on another armchair.

Saurabh does not know where the party is, so Bondita remembers Anirudh’s address. As Anirudh says, she addresses Saurabh by gestures. Saurabh understands that Party Woodstock is at home. Bondita insists on going to the party with him. Saurabh agrees.

Anirudh, Binoy and Trilochan await Greenwood. Anirudh is frustrated but calms himself and asks the servant how long he should wait. He asks them to wait a little more. Trilochan asks Aniruddha to be patient. Greenwood is holding the rope.

PreCap: Greenwood asks guests to welcome his wife, Betty. This is Soudamini. Secondly Anirudh warns her that she is going to see hatred. Bondita reaches the party.