BB 4 Tamil: Anitha, Archana Velmurugan, Nisha and Rekha talks in bigg boss grand finale

The grand finale that the fans were eagerly awaiting got off to a tumultuous start.

Kamal was first given the card of the winner of the People’s Judgment title.

Later, Big Boss, who introduced the contestants this season as Evict, welcomed them to the Grand Finale. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Winner Prediction, Finalists, Title Winner

After Suresh’s grandfather, KP, Shivani, Sanam had all spoken, Anita handed the mic to Nisha who was next to her. Kamal expressed his deepest condolences for the death of Anita’s father. Anita immediately started crying and bought a mic and talked.

My mother told me that Engappa was very proud to see me playing in the Big Boss show. There was an atmosphere where I could not come out and celebrate happily with my family. I just thought I shouldn’t even come to the re-entry of the Big Boss show. But, Mom, that’s what makes your dad happy. Anita was emotional when she told you to call everyone and watch the show while you’re at it.

Aranthangi Nisha, who continued to talk to Anita, is very happy sir .. Now I have got new families all over Tamil Nadu. Just as I was praying for the house to come out, that’s how Pesikkittangan joked and immersed the audience in laughter.

Archana, who spoke next, still spoke with anger in her mind. On the outside the positive and negative got equally. Thank you so much for the troll pannavanka, meme pottavankal, I became famous in Overnight because of you, Kamal Munnadiye spoke with great attitude.

Suchitra, who spoke next, went out and saw that it was not very good. A lot of people listen very attentively, so, I put a little weight on this one month sir Suchitra also smiled and spoke and praised the fans.

I made everyone happy by singing at the Big Boss house. Sattena’s exit was a little embarrassing and he was glad to have got the position of treasurer in the field of science, music and drama.

Like the fame I got when I was a heroine I have now become a Big Boss Reka. Let the fans admire me again .. The child-minded fans know me. Rekha ended up talking cutely to call the fish. Kamal congratulated everyone who is the hero of the hit film.

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