BCG vaccine effective in preventing corona infection, revealed in trial

BCG (Bacillus Calumet-Guérin) vaccine is proving to be very effective in preventing corona virus infection. Initially there was no evidence for this, but now the truth is coming out after the trial. However, doctors say that all 174 volunteers who administered the vaccine dose will continue to be monitored for six months and the BCG vaccine will be considered to be completely effective in preventing corona infection in the event of infection.

With the onset of the corona outbreak, the pace of infection in the country was not high enough and the mortality rate was low, with scientists claiming that due to BCG vaccine, people’s body immunity is quite high. However, there was no evidence to claim the scientists. After which DCGI (Drug Controller General of India) gave permission for the trial of BCG vaccine in five institutes of the country including Delhi AIIMS, PGI Rohtak and PGI Chandigarh. This was the first time in the country that BCG vaccine doses were given to adults other than newborns. Evidence of the success of the vaccine in newborns was already found, but after giving vaccine doses to adults, evidence of its success is now coming out.

The team of PGI’s Department of Pharmacology, Dr. Savita Verma, Kovid 19 State Nodal Officer Dr. Dhruv Chaudhary and Professor Dr. Ramesh Verma of the Department of Community Medicine, after counseling the health care workers and others, gave a total of 174 volunteers to the BCG vaccine. Did dose of Nearly two months have passed since the vaccine dose was given and no volunteers have been confirmed the infection yet. Due to which doctors are very excited. This vaccine is commonly used to keep healthy newborns away from tuberculosis (TB).

— About two months have passed. The 174 people who were given BCG vaccine doses have neither had the disease nor a case of covid infection. This vaccine is also moving towards success. However, for about four months, the health of people taking doses will be monitored. Subsequent results will be forwarded to DCGI.

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