Because of this, PUBG Mobile has banned 16 lakh players, they are now unable to play, know what the whole thing is

PUBG has revolutionized the mobile gaming industry. Everyone from children to young people is a big fan of this game. But now Tencent PUBG is a big shock to mobile. The company has banned more than 1.6 million user accounts from Pubig Mobile for fraud. PBG Mobile’s anti-cheating report shows that the company banned Parmant in 1,691,949 accounts. The PBG has banned more than 16 lakh accounts in just 5 days.

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The anti-cheat policy was found to be in violation
PUBG’s developers say these players have been found to be breaking the game’s anti-cheating policy. Reports say that these players are using third-party variants to gain an edge over other players in the Battle Royale multiplayer game and kill more people. This is the reason why PUBG is updating its anti-cheat system to protect games from mobile hackers.

Most players are banned in this category
According to a new report, about 35% of bronze players are banned and 13% of diamond players are banned. 12% of players are banned from the Crown division, while 11% are banned from the Platinum and Silver categories. 9% of players in the Gold category and 11% of players in the Ace category are part of the ban. At the same time, players from the Conquer division own a 1% stake in Bain.

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I have no idea whether PUBG will enter India again
Meanwhile, gamers in India will have to wait for PUBG Mobile again. According to a report by Sportskida, gamers in India will not be able to pre-register for PUBG: New State. Crofton is awaiting government approval to restart the game. At this time, whether or not PUBG Mobile is entering the game in India, nothing can be said about this. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said some time ago that some mobile games are violent, bold, addictive and disturbing in the minds of children and that PUBG is one of them. It is understood that PUBG Mobile India is not easy to come back to India.