Benelli introduces the new electric scooter Dong, with good driving range and great features

Benelli, Italy’s leading two-wheeler manufacturer, is known worldwide for its powerful bikes. But in 2005, Benelli was acquired by Chinese company Qianjiang Group and now the company has introduced the new electric scooter Benelli Dong to the Asian market.

Benelli has recently entered the Indian market and there are currently only bikes in the company’s vehicle portfolio. With the introduction of this scooter, it is expected to be introduced here in the market. The company has given this scooter a very unique design with a circular LCD display with LED headlamps and taillights.

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Battery power and range: The company has tried to reduce the weight of this scooter, reducing its weight. The scooter is powered by a 1.2 kW electric motor and a removable battery pack of 1.56 kW. The company claims that its top speed is 45 kilometers per hour and the scooter can travel up to 60 kilometers on a single charge. In this, the company offers speakers, which offer a different sound, giving the experience of a normal engine.

What’s the price: However, the company has launched this scooter in the Indonesian market, where its price is around R.P. 36,900,000 (Indonesian currency), which is about 1.9 lakh rupees according to the Indian currency. The company needs to pay special attention to the price of its scooter to be launched in the Indian market. Because of the market here, this price is very high.

According to media reports, the scooter could also be launched in the Indian market. However, the company has not shared any official information on the matter. But the company may consider releasing this scooter on the market here, according to media reports.