Best Ambush Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Best Ambush Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom: The cookie run has become very popular not only in its native South Korea, but also in Thailand and Taiwan. At its LINE release it received over 10 million downloads a month and was the highest grossing game in Kago, South Korea for 11 months.

8 Best Ambush Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

  • Cotton Cookie.
  • Herb Cookie.
  • Latte Cookie.
  • Parfait Cookie.
  • Raspberry Cookie.
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie.
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie.
  • Vampire Cookie.

Strongest cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

As soon as she arrives, the Sea Fairy cookie overwhelms the top PVP meta with its insane power. They scored five goals in total in one of the heaviest stunts of the game in 3 seconds.

Ambush cookies do Cookie Run: Kingdom

Ambush cookies are cookies, which mainly focus on dealing damage between enemy teams. In the Kingdom Arena, these cookies specialize in handling support cookies, range cookies and healing cookies because most of their capabilities are aimed at the back.

Rarest cookie in cookie run

Currently, the Frost Queen cookie is the rarest and most loved cookie in the game. The Frost Queen cookie is featured in the new Ice Frost crude, which was revealed in the first part of the Frost Witch and Lantern in the Snow update.

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