Bharathi kannamma 22 November 2020 Written Update: Gomathi kidnapped Kannamma child

Bharathi kannamma 22 November 2020 Written Update: Gomathi kidnapped Kannamma child

Today’s episode begins with Gomathi flashing Kannamma and hoping that she is happy by selling things in stone at the orphanage. She lost her job because of her. The priest asks Kannamma to do the priesthood. Kannamma gives her baby to her grandmother. She is talking to her child.

A boy comes there and asks Grandma how to light a coconut. She confronts him for his blunder and goes with him and gives the child to her neighbors. Gomati thinks that Kannamma will come and find her in time for the kidnapping of the Baby Orels, then everything will fall apart. Gomati went to the crowd and sat down in the middle. She starts a conversation with her.

Kannamma kid looks so adorable she pretends to have taken a look from her. She asks her neighbor to give her the baby. She questions who she is? Gomati lies to her that she is working with Kannamma and her name is Rajeshwari. She gives the baby a gomti, she pretends to be sweaty and takes the baby out without Kannamma’s knowledge.

Kannamma is praying to God to help her finish this naming ceremony successfully. Wenba stands in front of her as she opens her eyes. Kannamma was surprised to see her and asked what she was doing here. Wenba teases her that the naming ceremony for Kannamma’s baby is simply taking place in the temple. It is not money that answers the happiness of the eye.

Webb said that Soundarya is going to set up a function at Star Hotel but they are doing this. Kannamma replies to her that love never changes. Wenba tells Bharti that love is torturing her. Kannamma tells her that she does not get stimulated by her words.

How is a man like Wenba still alive after committing so many of these sins. Does she have any shame? Wenba smiled at her again. Kannamma challenges her and she will never allow Wenba to marry Bharathi. Suddenly the eyelid’s head begins to turn. Wenba smiled happily as she watched the slow poisoning reaction in her body. Then leaves.

Gomati calls Wenba and tells her that she has kidnapped Kannamma’s child. Wenba replies to her how did she do that she didn’t tell me about her visit here? She asks her to come to the pool. They look at each other from opposite directions. Wenba looks at it and turns away happy and asks him to leave immediately.

Gomati comes out of the temple with the baby. Kannamma returns to the place of worship and feels tense when the child goes missing. Neighbors tell her that an aunty took her outside. Tulsi goes to check on her. Soundarya Gomti collided and found the baby in her arms. She also spotted Gomati’s face. She questions where she is taking the baby with her.

She lied that Kannamma had asked her to take the baby outside for fresh air. The beauty takes the child by her hand and begins to admire her. Tulsi gets there and looks at Saundariya. She notices Bharti and his friends there, so she stays awake and takes the baby back to basil. Bharti smiled and went inside.

The beauty of admiring Kannamma and her baby banner. Grandmother noticed her and praised Kannamma’s aunt, Soundarya Umaware. Soundarya listened to her words and moved with that banner. She comes in time looking for Bharathi Soundarya. Soundarya tells Bharati to do all the rituals on the father’s side. He nods and sits there.