Bharathi Kannamma Upcoming Story – Bharathi kannamma: Kannamma got delivary pain.

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Bharathi Kannamma is a famous Vijay TV show. This serial never fails to entertain its audience from the first day, this story about a black girl named Kannamma, who has been neglected by society and family for her looks. Bharathi, who had entered her dark life as a light, gave her all the pleasure of going against her mum who hates black-skinned people. Venba loves Bharati unilaterally and plans to separate Kannamma from her life
The show is now geared for more drama.

The story of this show revolves around the Bharati and Kannamma family. Wenba lied to Bharathi because her selfishness was suspicious during Kannamma’s pregnancy. She walked away when he blamed her on character.

In the previous episode Wenba called Anjali to find out whether or not Soundarya is helping Kannamman? Explaining to Anjali Wenba that Saundarya had paid Rs. 25000 for women in orphanage and fixed lights and fan for them. Venba instigated Bharati and made her go against Kannammana by showing her help to Soundarya. Bharti smashed Kannamma for the help of the Soundarya who received it. When asked to beg for money, Kannamma threw money at Bharati’s face.

In the upcoming promo shows, Kannamma left the ashram and walked down the street. Suddenly the eyelid pains of childbirth. On the other hand, Soundarya is looking for her. Wenba says she is going to do a kannamma delivery, she will not leave her alive.

What happens next? What’s Wenba’s next move? When will Bharathi know the truth? The upcoming episode will stay tuned to our page for more updates on all of our questions.