Bhupendra Singh Hooda: Khattar government has no majority, no confidence motion

Former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda has said that Manohar Lal Khattar’s government has lost a majority and will pass a no-confidence motion in the Congress Assembly. Hooda said only the legislators of the government’s coalition partners were saying it was the most corrupt government.

“This government has lost the confidence of the people and the legislators, so we come up with a no-confidence motion,” Hooda said Monday. Two independent lawmakers who backed the government have withdrawn their support. Some lawmakers of the coalition partner party said it was a very corrupt government.

Former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda should resume negotiations with farmers in defiance of agrarian laws, thereby solving the problem. “The government must find a solution to this problem soon,” Hooda told reporters. The government must move forward to begin the dialogue process and accept the demands of the farmers. ”

The former chief minister was questioned in a chargesheet filed by the Enforcement Directorate in 2013 in connection with irregularities in the allocation of industrial plots in Panchkula and others including four retired officials. When asked about the allegations of allocating plots to his acquaintances, Hooda said he had already said, “This whole thing is politically motivated.” I have full faith in the judiciary, everything will be cleared. ”

Hooda, who has been heading in the BJP-JJP coalition government in Haryana, has said that the appointment of deputy divisional officers in the power department is a priority for the youth of other states. “On one hand, the government claims to make a 75 per cent reservation in private sector jobs for the people of Haryana, but the government is giving more jobs to people from other states than local youth in other appointments,” he said. It is alleged that the state government’s policies are not creating jobs.