Big shot! WhatsApp has banned more than 20 lakh Indian users, knows the reason and how to keep your account safe

In the first edition of its monthly report on India, WhatsApp said on Thursday it has banned more than two million WhatsApp accounts of people in India. The report has been released following the implementation of the new IT rules. Explain that according to the new rules, social media companies are required to issue a compliance report each month. Facebook-owned Messaging App disclosed that it has banned a total of 2 million WhatsApp accounts in India between May 15, 2021 and June 15, 2021. Let us tell you what the whole thing is and why many people’s accounts are banned and how to keep your account safe:

Why is the WhatsApp account banned?
The company has revealed that more than 95% of these restrictions have been imposed on people who use automated messaging, bulk messaging or spam messages for unauthorized use. Let us tell you that WhatsApp banned around 8 million accounts worldwide this month.

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Why are the WhatsApp account cases being banned?
The company says its ban on accounts has increased significantly since 2019, as the company has upgraded its system. Because of this, automated messengers are easily caught in bulk messaging.

What are the complaints about the WhatsApp account?
Between May 15 and June 15, a total of 345 complaints were received, of which 70 were related to account support, 204 were related to a ban appeal, 8 were related to security issues, 43 were to product support, WhatsApp said. WhatsApp has processed 63 of these ban appeals.

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What to say in the WhatsApp account ban?
WhatsApp in its monthly compliance report, we focused specifically on prevention because we believe that harmful activities should be stopped before harm can occur, thus avoiding any kind of problems.

WhatsApp can your account be banned and how can you keep your account safe?
According to the company, if someone does something illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, threatening, harassing and hateful or shares racial or ethnic discrimination or promotes any illegal or unfair practice, his account will be banned. Furthermore, even if the user violates WhtasApp’s terms and conditions, their account will remain closed. Therefore, share such content with anyone who bothers you, in the same way you should be able to keep your account safe.

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