Bigg Boss 14: December 12 Written Update: Kavita, Ronnit have an ugly face off with Abhinav, Rubina

After watching Dhammakhedar week inside the BB house, Bigg Boss 14 is here with another Weekend Ka War episode with Salman Khan. This week’s popular reality show features a number of former contestants, including Arshi Khan, Vikas Gupta, Manu Punjabi, Kashmera Shah, Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant. That’s not all. Nikki Tamboli and Ali Goni have also returned to the BB house to surprise everyone. Interestingly enough, the Weekend Kaa War episode is coming up with some surprising twists, with Kavita Kaushik’s husband Ronit Biswas on the show to face Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilek. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all that is happening at the Bigg Boss house on December 12, 2020.

10:56 PM: Jasmine and Ally are talking about how their friendship is being highlighted and how everyone feels more than just friends. Jasmine wants to clear the Aly posture and make it a thing beyond friendship.

10:51 PM: Salman clarifies the matter between the two couples and tells them to put the past behind them. He then asks Ronit and Abhinav to apologize to their wives. Later, Vikas apologized to Abhinav and told him that he should not be upset

10:32 PM: Salman interferes in argument and protests against Ronnith for putting Kavita’s past on social media. Kavita and Ronit assert them. He then asks Abhinav and Rubina if they know each other, which they should not have responded to in the past. Salman asks why Kavita wants to end it, take it to the legal route. He points to two couples not extending the subject

10:29 PM: If Abhinav is responding to Kavina and Rubina’s Tiff is right on his side, then he tweeted after Abhinav’s comment about Kavita was upset. Abhinav said he would talk about the allegations about the messages in a legal manner.

10:26 PM: Rubina gets into an argument and claims Kavita threatened her first. She is clearly irritated by Kavita’s accusations. Rubina’s statement that Kavita’s absence is a derogatory statement on her part is rubbish.

10:10 PM: Abhinav confronts Kavita and asks her to show clearly violent messages. He said he would deal with it in legal fashion. The actor claims that Kavita pushed Rubina, which, according to him, is upsetting that Kavita has violated Rubina’s personal space.

10:06 PM: Ronit has said he is upset with the way Abhinav Kavita has acted on national television. Kavita then seconded Ronit and recalled how Abhinav had previously sent messages of her own violent nature. Ronit’s controversial tweets clarify two separate incidents and have nothing to do with Abhinav’s shorts

10:03 PM: Salman greets Kavitha and Ronit on the BB stage and asks them to clear the matter with Rubina and Abhinav. Kavita makes it clear that she has not talked about anyone or any event since her departure from BB14. Kavitha’s husband Ronnit later clarified his tweet and mentioned that it had nothing to do with the film being shot at Abhinav’s house.

10:01 PM: The Dabang star shows a clip telling Vikas Abhinav that Kabita and her husband Abhinav have claimed to be an alcoholic and that they have sent inappropriate messages to the FIR actress.

09:58 PM: In the final week, Jasmine has independently played after Ali’s departure and asks why he is consulting her, Salman said. Jasmine’s mother worries that the Nagin 4 actress has been negative, which has guided her.

09:53 PM: Salman takes Jibbee near Jasmine for her school statement. Jasmine defends herself that she is irritated by the chaos at home. However, she admits her mistake and apologizes.

09:47 PM: Salman says that this is a significant nomination function and there is a lot of power in Manu being the convener. However, the superstar thinks Manu is analyzing things. They tease everyone that this is an interesting week because they have stuff to discuss at the moment

09:41 PM: Salman questions Manu if he is confident about Arshi not leaving the house tonight. He then questions Vikas about the same, explaining that he made a statement that the contestants themselves were in trouble because they had lost the competition and now had the opportunity to be eliminated. However, this has led to an argument between Manu and Vikas.

09: 36 PM: Salman then teases Arshi about her lips but she makes a statement about Why Gelat K Laddoo. But her statement did not go over well with Salman. However, Arshi defends herself but the superstar mingles with her

09:32 PM: The next point of discussion is how Rubina’s game strategy is to confuse everyone during the task, especially with her eye contact.

09:26 PM: Salman examines the functions and how Eijaz and Kashmera were handled in this task. This led to an argument between Rubina and Kashmera.

09:11 PM: Salman reviews the title act and talks about Manu’s popularity on the show. He then takes Jibe near Eijaz and Manu to discuss what Salman says during the Weekend Ka War.

09:00 PM: This week begins with a discussion about who Salman Khan has nominated as Arshi, Abhinav, Kashmir, Eijaz and Rahul. But, he revealed that no one is elimination this week.

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