Bigg Boss 14 Jan 2 LIVE UPDATES: Sunny Leone to give reality dose to contestants, Rakhi-Jasmin lock horns

Bigg Boss 14: Ever since Rakhi Sawant entered Bigg Boss 14, a new drama is happening every day. Rakhi has now attacked Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli. A video clip of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ is going viral on social media. Rakhi during Friday’s episode, Rakhi Sawant claimed to have an affair over the friendship of Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli. Rakhi claimed to be trying to woo each other. Rakhi Sawant, while exposing Rahul, claimed that Rahul is a chant and a rascal.

In a video shared by a fan club, Rakhi was seen passing comments as Rahul and Nikki were engaged in a conversation. In it, Rakhi is seen saying, “Look at these people. She makes a bed for him, brings eggs, cooks for him, makes bread, makes paratha. He has to beat her. Every week a hunt It thinks it will make Rahul Vaidya crazy, he will forget the direction. And Rahul is also chant. He will also have an affair, he will also have an affair. Brother, right.

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In this video, Rakhi said that Rahul is one and a half shayana but nothing is without Ali Goni. Playing the game. On one hand, Nikki has a… outside direction. Nikki is getting beaten up by putting eyes in her eyes. ‘Darling yeh, that’. Poor is playing with the emotions and Nikki is mad for him. ‘ He has a new goal every week. She thinks that if she traps Rahul, he will forget about the direction. Rahul is rascal, he will have relations with both women.

Let me tell you that on November 8, on Disha’s birthday, Rahul proposed to marry her on national television. He wore a white T-shirt with “Marry me” written on the back with lipstick, took out a ring and had one knee in the ground. Recently in Bigg Boss, when Vikas Gupta came again to Bigg Boss house, he had told that Rahul Vaidya has got the answer of his girlfriend. He also gave a scarf of direction to Rahul.

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