Bigg Boss 14: Jasmine Bhasin ‘Nagin’ and Ali Goni ‘Snake Cute’ as angry fans, know the whole thing

About Bigg Boss-14 contestants Ali Goni and Jasmine Bhasin is going viral on Mims Social Media. In memes, people have described Ali as ‘sapera’ and Jasmine as ‘nagin’. In the latest episode of the show, fans are angry because Rubina Dilak does not support Jasmine in the captivity.

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Members of the Bigg Boss household had to choose the next leader of the house. In the act of captaincy, Rubina Dilak took the queen and Rahul the doctor as king. The rest of the contestants had to support them to choose a new leader. Rubina and Abhinav have great friendships with Jasmine at the Bigg Boss house. In such a situation, he was expecting Jasmine’s support in this task. In fact, Abhinav, in his first week, has supported Jasmine and Ali in their leadership role. However, seeing Jasmine and Ali’s behavior, he felt that he would never return to his favorite. During the action, Jasmine and Ali Rubina support Rahul by breaking his red heart. Furious at this behavior of Jasmine and Ali, fans are calling them ‘Nagin’ and ‘Sapera’.

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In the last episode, we see that the action is finally canceled due to the rift in the friendship between Jasmine and Rubina. Jasmine then discusses with Abhinav Shukla that Rubina did not trust her. Abhinav, in response to Jasmine’s words, said that when it comes to him and Ali, nobody believes that she (Jasmine) will go against him and support the person who stands against him.