Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant is happy with the decision to leave the show with Rs 14 lakh

Today is the end of Bigg Boss 14. The show’s host Salman Khan will be announcing the winners of this season. Meanwhile, two contenders, Rakhi Sawant and Ali Goni, have been eliminated from this final run. Now the show has gotten its top 3 contestants. Actress Rakhi Sawant has donated Rs 14 lakh to the Bhaijaan program. Rakhi Sawant first hit the buzzer by pressing the buzzer. Rakhi is quite happy after exiting the Finale race. The actress herself said this in front of Salman Khan on the show. This time, he said, what is this money going to do.

If she wins this prize money, Rakhi will treat her mother. I am very happy with my decision, ”he said. With this money I pay the hospital bill. Salman Khan is very happy and praised Rakhi’s decision.

Let me tell you that actor Ritesh Deshmukh announced the Bigg Boss giveaway to the family after he came on the show. The Bigg Boss family members have been awarded five finalists for Rs 14 lakh. The first person to hit the buzzer is Rs 14 lakh. Rakhi Sawant first pressed Rs 14 lakh But with this, Salman described the shocking eviction. After winning Rakhi Sawant’s offer for Rs 14 lakh, Salman said he would quit the show.